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Some help if possible // truePlay

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Post by Igor K Handel // Feb 10, 2008, 1:14am

Igor K Handel
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I have posted some admittedly noobie questions in the new users section. Hmm I now realise that perhaps this forum is more appropriate. OOPs my bad

Anyways if anyone can help I'd much appreciate any light you can shed on my trueplace questions

Rather than repost I include below a link to my origonal post


Many thanks in advance, I can't wait to get into building Trueplace spaces the potential appears just awesome, excitment just doesn't describe it! I am somewhat concerned about my poor scripting and LE skills though. I suspect they may be somewhat crucial?



Post by spacekdet // Feb 28, 2008, 5:54pm

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Fixed your slightly mangled link ( for ya!
I have nothing more to add.

Post by TomG // Feb 29, 2008, 6:18am

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As noted scripting is not essential, depends on what you want to do. If you just want to show off a product design or architectural design, then there may be no interactivity required, so all you will be doing is showing off a model. Then all you need is modeling skills (well, texturing, lighting, too, but nothing different from "regular" 3D).

If you want interactivity, then maybe just a few existing objects with basic LE editing would be enough - drop your door model into the right place into an "open when the person approaches" object, and it will be your door model shown, and it will use the existing code to open without you writing any script at all. Just some click and drag in the LE to set up links.

So a lot can be done with just that, click and drag of links, especially as the library of scripted objects continues to grow from users.

For making truly unique behaviors, then some scripting would be required.

So it all depends just what kind of object or scene you are looking to create!


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