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Feature Suggestion for truePlay 2.0 // truePlay

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Post by 3dvisuals dude // Aug 11, 2007, 6:49am

3dvisuals dude
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Hi folks.

I really love the new truePlay1.3, being able to fully utilize TS7.51 scenes with it flawlessly is fantastic and opens up amazing business opportunities for all of us trueSpace modelers who are building immersive interactive scenes.

I know there are a lot of additional enhancements for truePlay which have been suggested here and there in the forums, and I know you guys will knock our socks off with truePlay 2.0 when you roll it out so I'm very excited about what that will mean to all of us soon who plan to use it for business purposes with our scenes.

There is one suggestion I haven't seen yet though and I really think it would be a fabulous addition to truePlay if there's a way to incorporate it, it goes like this:

A non-trueSpace owner gets an e-mail from a friend inviting them to come explore a multi-user online environment which the friend created. They click the truePlay download link, install it, and then go to click the link to take them right from their e-mail to the newly created online environment via truePlay.

The second they click that particular link though, instead of seeing the normal truePlay entry screen as the scene objects are cached to their drive, the truePlay window shows a Caligari truePlay Logo which fade-transitions into a beautiful (timed) animation (added by the creator of that particular scene to a data file accessed by truePlay) which is a realistic flyover of an alien city (volumetrics and all) timed to coincide with the typical object caching time of that specific virtual environment. The animation ends with a scene of flying into a certain area of that alien world, then fades again to the actual 3D environment seamlessly once it has fully loaded.

If done well, this would have the effect of creating a deeply immersive aspect to the virtual environment requiring no actual geometry and enabling full volumetric effects to be used to set the mood of that environment very effectively as one enters it.

It may also serve as yet another incentive to encourage the many non-trueSpace users who will be utilizing truePlay over the coming years to invest in trueSpace in order to similarly develop their own deeply immersive scenes, scenes so immersive you fly into them right from your monitor.:cool:

- 3dvisuals dude

Post by 3dvisuals dude // Oct 29, 2007, 5:26pm

3dvisuals dude
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In about three weeks I'm planning on resurrecting this idea and doing it from script.

If there are any Scriptors out there who would like to join me on trying this together in three weeks please drop me a PM here on it and lets chat about the potentials.


- Mark / 3dvisuals dude
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