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New to 7.xx series? Link Editor info here // Collaboration

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Post by frootee // Jul 24, 2008, 5:06am

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Hi everyone. Since there are a lot of truespace users who are new to the 7.xx series (7.6 now), one major addition is the Link Editor. Basically, your entire scene can be viewed from the Link Editor, from a non-3D viewpoint. You can also view the entire truespace system, basically, with this interface.

You do not really need to delve into the LE for making traditional animations and scenes, but if you want to get more elaborate, the LE is the place to go.

The documentation does a good job of explaining the LE, but here are a couple links to tutorials from a user perspective.

The first is a powerpoint presentation, with lots of pictures which guides you through, step by step, in navigating the LE and making 'nodes' and adding scripting capabilities.

The second is a tutorial which explains 'procedural animation': making animation with timers, math nodes, etc.

There are lots of links here in the forums for scripting and the LE. If you are interested in scripting (and SDK development, forthcoming), these two links are excellent starting places.

We also have a Tuesday night scriptor meeting every Tuesday night, so if you want to learn about the LE and scripting, come on Tuesday nights! I will be posting a link shortly. (I REALLY need to update the contents though!)

Froo's powerpoint presentation:

Dele's (Scripting Rock Star! :D ) tutorial:

EDIT: Attention scriptors:

Please feel free to post links to your favorite creations in this thread as well.

Post by grossatesta // Aug 30, 2008, 12:26pm

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Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place. It is my first post. My problem is: I have downloaded Truespace 7.6 videos. When I try to install it I get "setup files corrupted". I run windows NT home, I have installed truespace 7.6 and the manual and they both work. Can you help me?

Thank you

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