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Mesh Editor Adjustments // New Users

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Post by Musikman // May 19, 2009, 6:16am

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Can I somehow adjust the amout of segments "after" I've already drawn a primitive & worked with it in PE mode? I referenced the viperfish video and know that I can right click the primitives icon and set the segments before I draw, but how about after? (basic idea in screenshot)

I drew a sphere not realizing I was using 32x32 segments, started playing around & stretched it out until it had a shape kind of like a surfboard. So, just for practice I wanted to grab one section at the end to stretch up(or down) to create the fin on the board. Having done that, now I'd like to cut it in half so I can use the MM tool and edit evenly on both sides of the fin, but the mesh is so complicated I can't find an edge loop that runs directly down the center. I can easily draw another using lower segment setting, but then I lose the "roundness" of the whole shape, even though I might have a simpler mesh to work with. What would be the best approach here?

(Hope this isn't one of those...."you should know this from doing the viperfish" ...sorry Jack! :D Been away from it for awhile! ;)



Post by TomG // May 19, 2009, 6:47am

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You can't adjust segments once you've gone into PE - the object then is too complex and unknown to tS to simply add segments like you can with a primitive.

You can add extra faces and detail with Add Loop, Add Edges, or by using the Quad Divide tool or Smooth Quad Divide tool (which will take any selected faces and split them up into smaller faces).



Post by Musikman // May 19, 2009, 9:35am

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I was able to use add polygon tool and draw a line down the middle. Using select faces and highlighting half of it so I could delete one half & use MM tool was a little tricky, but managed to do that too. Been working with the mesh on the fin of the board since then. Needs alot more work though.

Quick question.....when using MM in PE mode, sometimes when I move points that are either center points or very close to the center point, it sometimes rips & leaves a "hole" in the mesh. How can I repair that, or "sew" those edges back together so they won't separate when I move them again? Once that happens I can't seem to move those points very far apart anymore without getting that tear in the mesh. (don't know if I explained that right). Thanks!

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