Saving multi workspaces

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Saving multi workspaces // New Users

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Post by curryhell // May 4, 2009, 4:39am

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I note that every time I start TrueSpace the last thing I worked on is always loaded. Is it possible to save ones last model or project and starting on something new?

Post by Jack Edwards // May 4, 2009, 4:53am

Jack Edwards
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To save your current project and layout, save as a Project file.

To start a new scene, click the "Generate new space" icon.

Post by TomG // May 4, 2009, 5:22am

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To save, simply drop the scene into a library (or you can use the File options, but I prefer the libraries).

To have tS open with a blank scene ready to start afresh, simply hit New Scene before closing.


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