SMC #40 – Electric Drill

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SMC #40 – Electric Drill // Speed Model Challenge

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Post by Breech Block // Dec 28, 2008, 10:27pm

Breech Block
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SMC #40 – Electric Drill

As a one-off, the subject matter and format for this SMC have been slightly changed. Please jump to the SMC #40 - Electric Drill - Comments thread for an explanation of the reasons why.


The object in question for SMC #40 is an Electric Drill. Or, to be more specific, a Hand-Held Electric Drill; the hand-held part to stop people flying off and modelling oil rig/tunnel boring versions. So, why-on-earth an electric drill I hear you ask. Well, it became apparent to me that what the SMC really needed was to have as its subject matter a model whose degree of complexity could be altered so as to appeal to both new users and seasoned pros alike. The electric drill, since its invention about 100 years ago, is now manifest in a huge variety of versions. In the image below, I have shown examples of heavy-duty drills, hammer drills, impact drills, rotary drills and even drills that make holes at 90 degrees. Then you have close-quarter drills, cordless drills, medical drills, low speed drills, antique drills, hobbyist drills and even toy drills. NASA has even invented a special drill for use by its astronauts. So, there is a very wide variety to choose from. But, what really struck me, is how a drill's shape is entirely dependant on its task. The heavy-duty, more industrial type drills tend to be very pragmatic and have a mainly boxy construction (ideal for beginners). Whilst the drills designed for the home/DIY market, they tend to be of a far more sleek/trendy/organic design (ideal for pros).

Anyhow, there you have it. Good luck all – and most importantly, have fun.

New Users - Don't be put off entering if you are fairly new to trueSpace as it is not always the best model that wins. Votes can be equally gained by modelling an original/extraordinary design.

The Competition:


The competition is open to all forum users - the idea being to have an ongoing challenge that is geared to improving the general modelling skills of the tS community. Submissions must have been specifically created for entry into this competition and be the authors own work. TrueSpace must be used as the modelling software with no restrictions placed on which version can and should be used.

Format (New)

This competition is split into 2 distinct phases. Phase 1 is the Construction Phase and here the competitor has 2 hours to design and build their primary model. Once their primary model is complete or their construction time has elapsed, the competitor then moves on to Phase 2. The completion of Phase 1 should be marked with a screen grab of the model (before SDS is applied) which forms part of the entry requirement.

Phase 2 is the Presentation Phase and this allows the competitor a further 1 hour period to prepare their primary model for rendering. Examples of the use of this time would be to model any additional elements required such as foreground/background or other secondary models, the placement of cameras, finalising the scene's composition, creating UV maps, applying textures/shaders or adjustment of the light settings. The end of Phase 2 is marked by the main render and it should endeavour to allow the primary model to be judged on its own merits. As a consequence of this, no post processing of the image is allowed.

The Rules

1. You must create and complete your primary 3D model within the Construction Phase's 2 hour time limit.

2. Secondary models, UV mapping, the application of textures/shaders, lighting and scene composition must be completed within the Presentation Phase's 1 hour time limit.

3. The allowed time in each phase is not cumulative (see note 1).

3. There are no restrictions on using premade textures.

4. There are no restrictions placed on either the render engine you can use or the time it takes to render an image.

5. No Post Processing of the image is allowed (see note 2).

6. There are no restrictions on the amount of differing entries you can submit.

7. Entries are restricted to one image no larger than 800x600 pixels plus one additional wireframe image (before subdivision) also no larger than 800x600 pixels (see note 3).

8. Each entry should have a unique title and specify the modelling time, render engine, render time and version of trueSpace used (see note 4) .

9. The winner is encouraged to place a tutorial of how they made their winning design in the new trueSpace Tutorium (Contact Norm for details).


Construction Phase: 2 Hours.

Presentation Phase: 1 Hour.

Entry Deadline: Monday 12th January 1200 GMT.

Poll Starts: Monday 12th January at 23:59 GMT.

Poll Duration: 7 Days.


1. If you complete the model inside of the allotted Construction Phase you can not utilize the time saved making additional adjustments in the Presentation Phase.

2. In this instance, Post Processing refers to alteration of an image in an external program such as Photoshop. Post Processing within trueSpace is permissible.

3. Artists who submit images greater than the quantity\size specified will be asked to edit their post accordingly or risk their images being altered by the Moderator.

4. Artists must provide a unique title for their entry so as to eliminate any confusion over ownership in the poll.

Some example images of hand-held electric drills:

Post by kena // Dec 29, 2008, 8:03pm

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Title: Toy Drill

Model Time - 1 hour 55 min including testing subdivision.

textures/shaders, lighting and scene composition - 30 min

Render - V-ray with GI and Photon map. (less than 1 min)

Truespace 7.6

I included a bit of an explanation in my wireframe to help people see how I made the model. I also used what I had learned in the Organics modeling course except that I did not use mirror modeling on this one.



Post by Mr. 3d // Dec 29, 2008, 10:42pm

Mr. 3d
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trueSpace 7.6 / Model side @ 2 hrs. / LightWorks

Post by Vizu // Dec 30, 2008, 7:17am

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I do this in a bit more than 2 houres (got 3 crashes in TS ;( )

Rendering is VRay. I model from a pictur of a electric drill. Fanfacturer is MAKITA.

I model first a half of the drill poly by poly and mirror it than.

Post by jamesmc // Dec 30, 2008, 9:08pm

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trueSpace Power Drill Auger

Okay, so the drill doesn't really exist, I made it up in my mind. But I like fantasy stuff and humor. :D

It the wireframe, phase I construction or whatever it's called, I used a AI import for the drill bit and used the lathe to er...round it out. The drill box that houses the motor and parts it's just a bunch of extruded (swept) boxes with a little tug and pull. About 1 hour 35 minutes (after I started over once) Edit: Oh yeah, I did slip over to the Workspace side to use some tools that are handier (extracting loops etc.)

The second image is from Lightworks model side, tS7.6 and of course I added my own text to embellish the imagined use of the drill. Texture, er shadering? was done entirely in model side. With some cropping in Photoshop to cut out the dead space.

Officially in my mind and in the mind of sea otters everywhere it's a
trueSpace Power Drill Auger

Post by jamesmc // Jan 1, 2009, 1:28am

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Close Quarter Drill

Okay, went overboard on time on this, but it was a learning experience. :D
About 2 hours 35 minutes for construction after 2 start overs. :(

Phase II, texturing and subdivision I will do later.

Edit: Phase II texturing done. About 45 minutes. Shaders in tS model side, lightworks and photoshop.

Post by Weevil // Jan 1, 2009, 11:29am

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In an attempt to be absolutely original I decided to try this SMC with no paints aside from a "presentation coat" or however its called, just me and a nurbs tool and a bolean tool. Let's see how it fares

Sorry about the wireframe view, I model in NURBS and had to finalise it to go any further, used 2 subdivision layers then smooth divided it at the end

Rendering time: about 2 minutes, TS 6.6 Software render
Modelling time: Up to the minute I think...may have gone over
Presentation time: 2 minutes max?

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