SMC #38 - Bling!

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SMC #38 - Bling! // Speed Model Challenge

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Post by Nez // Nov 21, 2008, 7:07am

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Well, I was strongly tempted by Prodigy's idea of medical/dental equipment, but as i had a root canal done yesterday, I can't face seeing anything dentistry-related for a while!

So I've resorted to the other idea I had - jewellery.... I recall that tS was supposedly quite popular with jewelery designers, but have seen very little evidence of it on the forums, so let's see what you can do! Lets see rings, bracelets, neck-chains, ear-rings, brooches or anything else in the way of personal decoration - show us your bling! NB - it doesn't have to be YOUR bling of course, just whatever you think might be an interesting challenge. There's a good range of items you could choose, from the downright simple (wedding rings) to the obscenely complex depending on what appeals to you.

So all the best; standard rules apply as below;

closing date is 23:59 1st December (GMT)...

The rules (as stolen from everyone else):

1. Create the model(s) within the 2 hours time limit.

2. You may enter as many times as you like.

3. Your entry should include a wireframe screen grab before subdivision has been applied, mainly this is so people can get an idea of how things were created and maybe learn something.

4. Include time spent, trueSpace version, render engine.

5. Post only one rendered image per entry which must be no larger than 800x600 pixels. Final composition is up to you.

6. Render time, lighting and texturing are not included as people with slower computers may be at a disadvantage.

7. The winner is encouraged to place a tutorial in the new Tutorium showing how they made their entry (Contact Norm). Sometimes the wireframe isn't enough (although no-one ever seems to bother...)

8. All entries should be posted to this thread and all comments should be posted in the comments thread. Thanks.

Post by kena // Nov 22, 2008, 9:51pm

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OK - couldn't resist. You did say "BLING".

So here is the ultimate brass knuckles!


Model time 54 min. (tried various fonts for this one)

TS 7.6


I used the Model side for the lettering and the Workspace side for everything else.

I have 2 wireframes because the first one just looks confusing to me.




Post by kena // Nov 23, 2008, 9:22am

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and now we have something for all those clockmakers in the hood!

The "Time Bling".
Model time 26 min. (took a while to get those spheres for the chain)
TS 7.6
I used the Model side for the Metaballs and the Workspace side for everything else.


Post by MikeJoel // Nov 23, 2008, 11:14am

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This was just an idea that popped into my head when I saw the topic.

I don't think anyone will know what this piece of "jewelry" was based on...


Modeled/Rendered: TS 3.2

Modeling Time: About an hour (too more time to make the pin's latch... which you can't see)



Maybe I can get in a serious submission,


Post by MikeJoel // Nov 23, 2008, 5:44pm

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Second entry.

Modeling/Rendering: TS 3.2

Modeling time: 2 hours (included some time texturing)

Texturing/Lighting: +/-1 hour




Post by noko // Nov 23, 2008, 11:40pm

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This was a very fun one, the modeling was easier then the previous SMC I did. Most of the time was spent on lighting next by working the materials. Used HDRI's for both the Diamond and ring materials. This is a real time DX render using:

Shinny Metal (trueBlue, noko) This material was ment for just this purpose :)

Glass (noko)

Anisotropic (Caligari)

Background tool (noko)

90min modeling

4 hours lighting and materials

Post by nigec // Nov 24, 2008, 11:53am

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25 Years!

Gold ball n chain for the hubby

TS 7.6 model side(my first success with it)

Lightworks rendered

Time about 60 mins the rest was playing with lights and textures

Post by MikeJoel // Nov 25, 2008, 5:03am

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Modeling/Rendering: Ts 3.2

Modeling time: just about every minute of 2 hours (kept wiping out parts and going back)

Lighting/Texturing: 1+ hours (Like always part of the texturing was done during the 2 hours of modeling)

Post: I found I couldn't get it to render right. If I used anti-alias I lost all the nice edges on the jewels. If I didn't I got this ugly blueish/jagged edge to the metals. So I did both and then incorporated them to get one image.


The inset on this wireframe (screen grab) is of one of the diamonds.



Post by nigec // Nov 25, 2008, 8:17am

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Medallion man bling

Dunno why i picked V#~*o coz i can't stand the damn things but anyway :rolleyes:


Lightworks render

About an hour to model

Post by MikeJoel // Nov 25, 2008, 2:45pm

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Yes, another (it's a fun topic ;) )

Modeling/Rendering: TS 3.2

Time: about 40 minutes

Lighting/Texturing: maybe an hour



I hate trying to get the oil off the rubies....

I have an idea for one more :rolleyes:


Post by kena // Nov 25, 2008, 7:28pm

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The "CuffLinks".

Model time 40 min.

TS 7.6


I used the Model side for the Rounded objects and the Workspace side for everything else.



Post by Georg // Nov 27, 2008, 5:03am

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I am quite sure this is not the kind of Bling that Nez has in mind (great topic), but I can assure you that for some people this is the ultimate bling thing.

Modeling appr 1 hour, the honeycomb grill was simple but the most tedious.

Render in Vray with HDRI and 2 spotlights. I thought the Eiffel tower was a nice touch :D, Paris being one of my favorite cities.


Post by Breech Block // Nov 29, 2008, 6:42pm

Breech Block
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Bling - Matrix style

Not a competitive entry into the SMC I hasten to add. I just wanted to show some support for Nez's excellent SMC topic and hopefully encourage a couple more people to enter before the closing date of midnight on Monday.

Anyone intrested to see how the phone was made can check out my WIP thread by clicking on the link below:

Post by Mr. 3d // Nov 30, 2008, 5:36am

Mr. 3d
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tS 7.6 / model side 2 hours / LightWorks 2 min.

Post by MikeJoel // Nov 30, 2008, 6:16am

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My final submission to this SMC.

A man's gold and silver pocket watch with crystal hour marks (you can't really see it but the front outside cover has a scene while the inside of the covers have a silver patterned texture).

Modeling/Rendering: TS 3.2

Modeling Time: The watch took every second of the 2 hours (and like I mentioned possibly about 2 minutes over.. crashes).

Rendering Time: about 25 minutes x2. (see comment thread for the reason for the "x2").

Scene composition time: Way to long... anyone know a good tutorial on lighting/app settings for 3.2?




Post by Breech Block // Nov 30, 2008, 8:26am

Breech Block
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Spiderweb Broach

Software: trueSpace 7.6 (model side).

Modelling Time: The full 2 hours.

Textures & Lighting: 1 Hour.

Rendering Time: about 2 minutes @ 1900 x 1200 and AA x 2.

Okay, here is my official entry for the SMC. Had a few problems trying to get this image to look right. Originally, I modelled a fairly detailed, jewel encrusted spider but when I looked at the renders they just looked too cluttered and unfocused. It was only when I realised that if this object was real, it would be the 105 diamonds set into the web that were the main attraction\value of the piece. So I set about modelling a far more simplistic spider and discovered, for me at least, the image worked a lot better.

Post by Nez // Dec 1, 2008, 4:14am

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The following aren't formal submissions as I'm not including myself in the voting, but I thought I'd have a go for fun too.

First off, attempted to recreate my wedding ring - the style is pretty close, albeit not quite the same; it's a two colour (gold and white-gold) celtic design roughly comparable to the design below.

For the model, I drew a spline path, swept a 'D' shape along it, copied to make three curved objects overlapping than painstakingly booleaned out partial depth of curves at intersections to create the overlaps. This was all done in tS5.1 at home and is shown in the wireframe. Then popped round to my mum's to use the coy of tS7.6 I have there to use the Modelside 'bend' tool to warp it round to a circular band, which worked pretty well apart from a visible seam. Nice tool though! Then brought it into work and rendered again on model-side with HDRI. Modelling (total) about 70-90mins. Textures/lighting/render around 20mins.

Having done that, had a go at a few gem-stones - took a tS5 primitive and chooped a load of edges of off to get a crystal shape - modelling time less than 30mins. Did a tS5 render with IBL, using Shaderlab materials (TomG's glass shader and gems and stones colour shader - cheers Tom!) Did another render at work using 7.6 and HDRI, had to change the reflectance shader to a phong -needed to spend longer trying to get a better shader but as I was only messing for fun I didn't bother for now... see which you like best....

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