Odd crash after power save mode

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Odd crash after power save mode // Tech Forum

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Post by xtetra // May 19, 2009, 6:33am

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TS 7.6 seems fairly stable on my system for the most part. I have a Dell XPS With Dual Core Intel processors and 4G memory. I'm at lunch on the salt mine right now, so I can't check what video card I have... Running XP pro.

When I wake up the computer from power save mode TS 3D window displays something like "window render failed" and TS seems to lock up. Actually got the blue screen of death when I tried to use cntrl alt del to shut down TS. (first time ever with this system in a little over a year of having it)

My initial "fix" was to change the settings so that power save doesn't kick in for an hour which usually does the trick, but you know sometimes you just get hooked on those back to back to back episodes of NCIS that the wife is watching and forget to shut down TS.

Any suggestions? Update Direct X or video driver? Some sort of permissions issue with Zone Alarm?

Not a major problem but I do like to keep the dreaded blue screen at bay...


Post by TomG // May 19, 2009, 6:49am

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Best one would be to close tS before the machine hits hibernation mode :)

This looks like it is to do with DirectX recovering from hibernation mode - hibernation mode is often problematic, more broadly than just for tS, and I just disable it on all my machines to avoid running into issues with things not coming back properly.


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