Animation Loop Stops after Gluing As a Child

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Animation Loop Stops after Gluing As a Child // Tech Forum

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Post by GetFamousDesigns // May 2, 2009, 1:58pm

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The Title already says the most : Animation Loop Stops after Gluing As a Child

When i make a wheel for example and give it 360 rotation and loop it to keep it spinning, it works well.

But after I glue it, and animate the whole object (car in this case)

The wheel only spins 1 Time and then stops.

When i look into the animation editor then, the Wheel object isnt shown

Would be great if someone would help me :D

The bad thing is, I already figured it out like in this movie I made with truespace:

The blades of the drone keep spinning and i can animate the whole object ( just dont know how I did it^^ )

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