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Post by tatts // Mar 28, 2009, 1:37pm

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Do any of the textures in the texture folder have anything to do with TS's system files?

What i would like to do is, Delete all the textures in it and add my own. Some of the textures in the folder are no good to me as their not in powers of 2.

And is there way to display all the textures rather than just bitmap? Yes I already know you can import a texture..... lol :)

I'm just wondering if there is way to set it so that it automatically displays all the textures in the texture folder rather than just the bitmap and having to import other file types.

Post by RichLevy // Mar 28, 2009, 1:54pm

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You can just creat your own texture folder and than load that. Than just take the Texture folder that comes with TS off the stack (click the X in the right hand corner)

How do you create a folder?

Simple, you can do it manually thru Windows from your desktop, go into the RS Main Libraries folder and that is where all of the Libraries are, and just create a folder.

You can load that library by opening the folder browser icon in the tools tab on the bottom of your screen (default mode it is in the row of icons to the right side of the screen). After you open it scroll ,down thru the menu that pops up. I name all of my folders MY XXXX... XXX being whatever it is I want to name them.

The other way is to open the same Library foder thru theicon I menioned above. When you are in the Library folder, right click on the folder Main Library Place, that brings up the option to Create a Library, click it and name the library, find it in the list of library's and than click on it to load it into the stack.


Post by tatts // Mar 28, 2009, 2:50pm

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Thanks rich :) I guess that would make more sense than just deleting them...
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