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Post by Weevil // Mar 14, 2009, 9:52am

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Boy I seem to be spending more time in this part of the boards than anywhere else :rolleyes:

Before I let rip with this next little question, still haven't decided to do anything with 7.6 unlike the rest of you mugs, so please don't tell me I should use 7.6...I do have my reasons. :o This is a question aimed for TS 6.6

Now, a wee while back you may have saw me jumping up and down and ranting something awful about how this girl

Didn't want to rig up. Well, I fixed that, instead I use a NURBs object, instead of the finalised version (although having to go back and try to emulate the changes I made after I had finalised the original version proved to be a headache). On that note though, if you want to rig using truespace 6.6 native bones, use a NURBS object, it saves you so much time, and stress, and actually looks better.

So she rigs up nicely, now I want to try an animation, but alas, down at the last hurdle the animation has absolutely no smoothing on it, it's all extremely jerky and I can't "ease in" or "ease out" any of the movements.

Am I missing something here? is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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