Technique for controlling point edit rotation and scale center

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Technique for controlling point edit rotation and scale center // Tech Forum

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Post by clintonman // Mar 6, 2009, 7:08pm

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image1 - need to rotate arm at the shoulder
create a helper object
i created a cube with 2 divisions in height and merged the center vertices

select both objects
enter point edit mode and move the helper geometry to the desired center of rotation

select and uniformly scale the helper geometry so that it is large

image4 and 5
add to the selection and rotate

finished result

I think this works because truespace rotates around the center of the bounding box of the selection.


Post by Igor K Handel // Mar 7, 2009, 11:40am

Igor K Handel
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Interesting Technique Clintonman. Nice find.

I'm wondering if this can in anyway be applied to having helper objects attached to joints, or IK. Hmmm

If so then an IK handle could become any shape the user cares to make. THAT would be useful, as a pet wish of mine is the ability to easily make some custom IK handles, that pictorially represent the control movement of the IK chain in question.

Got me wondering now

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