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tS 7.6 Hot key list // Tech Forum

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Post by Jack Edwards // Mar 5, 2009, 12:19pm

Jack Edwards
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Here's the trueSpace 7.6 hot key list for quick reference:

SHIFT CTRL F1 Open 3D window
SHIFT CTRL F2 New LE window
SHIFT CTRL F3 New Output console window
SHIFT CTRL F4 Open Progress panel
SHIFT CTRL F5 Open History Window
SHIFT CTRL F6 Open Stack View
SHIFT CTRL F7 Command prompt
SHIFT CTRL F10 Open Network connection
SHIFT CTRL R Reset to default context
SHIFT CTRL N Generate new space

Shortcuts for 3D Window:
DELETE Delete selected object
CTRL K Delete selected object
CTRL M Pick material tool
CTRL R Render to file

Hierarchy navigation tools:
LEFT Select previous object
RIGHT Select next object
DOWN Select first encapsulated object
UP Select object encapsulator

Move tools:
Z Start move tool
X Start rotate tool
C Start scale tool

A Camera move Tool
S Camera Rotate Tool
D Camera FOV Tool

Axis Locks:
SHIFT X X lock
SHIFT Y Y lock
SHIFT Z Z lock

Coordinate systems:
SHIFT 1 Object coord. system
SHIFT 2 World coord. system
SHIFT 3 Screen coord. System
SHIFT 4 Tangent coord. System (Point Edit mode only)

Window switch tools:
CTRL ~ Set the selected camera as active
CTRL 1 Switch to Perspective Eye view
CTRL 2 Switch to top orthogonal view
CTRL 3 Switch to bottom orthogonal view
CTRL 4 Switch to front orthogonal view
CTRL 5 Switch to back orthogonal view
CTRL 6 Switch to left orthogonal view
CTRL 7 Switch to right orthogonal view
CTRL 8 Nearest orthographic
CTRL 9 Reset View

CTRL C Copy object

Point edit context shortcuts:
ESC Clear selection/Activate object select tool
DELETE Delete selected elements
SHIFT DELETE Collapse loop (Requires face loop selection)
CTRL K Delete
CTRL C Copy selection
CTRL F Form face
TAB Toggle PE widget

V Select Vertices
F Select Faces
E Select Edges
L Select Face Loops
T Select Context

ADD Grow Selection
SUBTRACT Shrink Selection

SHIFT Q Select connected
SHIFT C Convert selection
SHIFT S Smooth selection
SHIFT O Outline selection

CTRL I Invert selection
CTRL S Add SS Layer to selection
CTRL SHIFT S Remove SS Layer from selection

1 Pick/move selected element
2 Pick/Paint selection
3 Lasso selection
4 Rectangle selection
5 Soft selection
6 Select from Material

Shortcuts for Link editor window:
DELETE Delete selected node
CTRL C Copy selected node

Shortcuts for Anim editor window:
DELETE Delete selection
CTRL C Copy selection
CTRL X Cut selection
CTRL V Paste selection
CTRL A Select All
LEFT Prev keyframe
RIGHT Next keyframe
K Set keyframe

Hopefully someone will find this useful. ;)

Post by v3rd3 // Mar 5, 2009, 12:38pm

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Very helpful and .... strangely .... shorter than other hotkey lists I have seen.


Post by Jack Edwards // Mar 5, 2009, 12:47pm

Jack Edwards
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:) Let me know if you guys notice any that don't work. I pulled these directly from the shortcut XML files so hopefully they are correct.

Post by clintonman // Mar 6, 2009, 10:12am

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You can also reference the shortcuts list in the manual in section:

2.4.5 Preset Shortcuts

When you use the move tools(zxc and asd), how do you exit them? Is there a shortcut for that?

Post by Igor K Handel // Mar 13, 2009, 11:11pm

Igor K Handel
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Anyone know how to hide the nav widget in skeleton edit mode (other than right mouse on the centre of the widget)..

Need hot key . Constantly obscuring joints etc, driving me nuts! Even right mouse only hides for one use then up it comes again on next joint.


IK Handel
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