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Adding objects to layers // Tech Forum

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Post by shredder777 // Feb 23, 2009, 4:49pm

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Ok, I know there is a thread on this but, I cant seem to find anything that is clear on how to add objects to the layer and also deleting the object from the layer and deleting the layer all together. I am use to 3dsmax and maya, xsi. this is totally different but cool.

Thank u for the help. also, is there a online manual that is more detail on the functions of 7.6...


Post by spacekdet // Feb 23, 2009, 6:07pm

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It's pretty simple.

Right click the Object Tool, this brings up the object info panel.
Select the object by clicking on it, or choosing it in the dropdown list.
Next, click the 'Layer' dropdown list directly below and choose which layer you want the object on.
(You'll need to first have added some additional layers, at first everything is on 'Basic' layer)

Right clicking the 'Add New Layer' icon brings up the Layer Info panel.
You can use either the icon or the button in the panel to add new layers.

Also right click the ' n layer (#n) is visible' and tic both 'Use Layer Colors' and 'Use as Wire Color' - this will change the wireframe color to match the layer colors.

Note that you can click and hold the ' n layer (#n) is visible' icons and choose to hide, show, or lock each layer.

To collapse one layer into another, drag and drop it's ' n layer (#n) is visible' icon onto another layer.

To permanently delete a layer and it's contents, drag and drop the ' n layer (#n) is visible' icon onto the trueSpace Trashcan icon.

You'll need to be in Model, Workspace hasn't had layers officially implemented yet.
Check the Garage threads for add-ons that enable Workspace layers ( search 'Layerz' )

The manual is available at the same location ( that you downloaded the program from.


Post by shredder777 // Feb 23, 2009, 6:20pm

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Thank you Spacekdet!!!! I understand it now.

Thank u for the speedy response. I will be back for sure. I hope to model some fun stuff and get up to speed with TS! I am doing a interface job and the client prefers TS.:D I am working and learning at the sametime..:)

Sweet program!

Post by transient // Feb 23, 2009, 6:28pm

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You could also use the RSlayers ( plug-in. It's much better than the default modeler layers imo.

Post by shredder777 // Feb 23, 2009, 6:37pm

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cool, thank u transient! I will give it a look.:)

Post by TomG // Feb 24, 2009, 2:22am

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The manual is downloadable, just log in from the same place you downloaded tS7.6 install and the manual install and the video install are there too. Download and run those, and you have the manual at your disposal whenever you require!

You may also want to look into the workspace rather than the older Model side, as workspace is where the coolest things happen, eg the bones system in the Model side is not so good, while the workspace bones are much easier to use and give better results. There are plugins there to do layers as noted, so worth checking those out too!


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