Help with mp4 editing needed

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Help with mp4 editing needed // Tech Forum

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Post by Igor K Handel // Feb 20, 2009, 11:02am

Igor K Handel
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Does anyone have experience of editing an mp4 vid/audio that needs some of the audio editing.

All the freebie progs I have tried tell me file non standard format. (I suspect this might be becasue I set audio as mono/22kb, but am not sure)

The vid is fine I just need to be able to edit and reinsert an updated audio to it.

MP4 plays fine including audio, but no editing prog seems to want to allow opening for editing. I tried renaming to avi/ mpeg/mpeg4 etc, but still the same problem.

Any suggestions how to resolve.. or does anyone have experience of free progs that may help.

Thanks in advance

IK Handel

Post by DesignDevil // Feb 20, 2009, 12:00pm

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You could try to extract the Video with VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod. Set Video to Direct Stream and Audio to "No Audio" - you must get now only the Video without Audio.

If you need the audio stream himself - for editing, choose (under Audio) the stream and demux it as a wave file.

I hope that helps.

Post by jamesmc // Feb 20, 2009, 3:13pm

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I have Adobe Premiere Pro Version 3.xx something and it chokes up on certain video formats and some audio formats that are not supported.

You could try and convert the file into another format. There are some MP4 converter programs like Alive MP4 that might work. Don't know in your case.

Not sure if there is a trial version or not.

Video/Audio formats from proprietary Video cams give the most trouble, that and DVD's encoded with proprietary formats.

Hope you find a solution.

Post by Igor K Handel // Feb 21, 2009, 2:01am

Igor K Handel
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Thanks for the replies, will look into the virtualdub options, and alive mp4.

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