some objects cant go over to model side...

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some objects cant go over to model side... // Tech Forum

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Post by nealiosnoise // Feb 19, 2009, 10:39am

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poorly made objects problem?. . maybe im the problem.??

i made a bunch of little objects, including a ruff link of fence and separately saved the objects as objects.

everything else i have created can be bridged over to the model side, but if this fenced in area is part of the scene, or if i try to import it to MS, true space crashes and i have to end session.

maybe my fence object is poorly made or something.. which all other objects are not as ruffed out, and that could be the problem? its size is only 480 kb,
its nice and happy on the workspace side.

Post by TomG // Feb 19, 2009, 11:12am

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No-one will be able to say unless you can share a screenshot or two at least, showing the wireframe. Most likely it's bad geometry, but would need to see to say for sure. Sharing the models themselves would be even more helpful for people to offer advice on what might be wrong.



Post by nealiosnoise // Feb 20, 2009, 8:47am

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i inspected the fense and found this on the bottom,

i had to get real close to see what i thought was one edge, was actually alot!!!!


now heres the bottom of my fence with the corner posts pulled down for a better look at the pretty mess...


i dont know why or how this end up happening, im guessing this is the reason why it can't be imported to Model Side.. i wouldn't want this if i was a model side.. !!

i will remake it.:banana::banana:

i used booleans for the all the posts, i just copied and moved them down the lengh of fence and then used boleen

union, there are other boolean merges but i dont know the differences

what is Boolean union, Boolean merge geometry, and merge geometry?

should i use them in this case? a simple fence?

Post by TomG // Feb 20, 2009, 9:04am

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I wouldn't boolean them, I would just use Encapsulate In 3D. Depends on what your plan is for the fence, boolean union might help if you have plans to export, or are building a very complex real-time scene.

Otherwise, for normal purposes, just use Encapsulate in 3D. This lets you move them all as one item, but you can then enter the hierarchy and adjust them separately still. If you boolean uniion, then you can no longer change each individual fencepost, the whole thing is treated as one object with one geometry.

Booleans can cause problems too in various ways and are best avoided if you can.

I'm not entirely sure what has caused the problem here, but it has generated some unpleasant geometry, as you say, I wouldn't want this if I was a Model side - nicely put!

So if you rebuild, I would take the encapsulate in 3D approach in place of booleans.


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