Some video tutorials need a specific codec for WMA?

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Some video tutorials need a specific codec for WMA? // Tech Forum

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Post by nealiosnoise // Feb 15, 2009, 4:29am

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i downloaded some of the tutorial videos from the website,

and some of the WMV video files wont play on any of my players, VLC media Player, windows media player, and

Windows media player classic.

usually i can play anything with my VLC player, but not these videos, i think they require a mono audio codec, but im not sure..

these are the ones im having problems with. ..

illustration course, NURBS Course, texture creation course. the South Park Reloaded Course.

i bet there are more that require a certain codec, just wanna get strarted on applying and creating my own textures . ....

Post by Steinie // Feb 15, 2009, 4:37am

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