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CoolPowers Questions.. Just a FEW... // Tech Forum

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Post by Jimmer // Feb 4, 2009, 3:29am

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I'm using tS6.6 and I "accidently" loaded the Cool Powers 4 for tS5 into

my tS dir. Everything seems to work OK. Does anyone remember the

difference between the 6.6 version and the 5 ver?? Is it basically the same

except for a file or two? The only thing I see that seems wierd is the the

Fog shaders depth parameters are different than tS's standard settings for

fog distance. Should I re-install the 6.0 ver. over the 5???

Where can I get info on the Cool Powers ReflectsPro Plugins? The sites

that I have found seem to show the Cool Powers 4 in place of the ReFlects....

Post by transient // Feb 4, 2009, 3:47am

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I would reinstall the one for version 6, as there must be a reason they're different.

You can find more info on reflectspro here ( It's an excellent shader, something I would love to have in dribble or vray - especially the ability to map falloff on every channel. Very powerful.

Post by prodigy // Feb 4, 2009, 12:22pm

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compatibility issues i guess..

Must there some options, shaders or something that should work wrong on version 5

Or maybe just a compatibility version for those who work with ts5..

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