Surface Deformation Demo in tS6.6...!!

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Surface Deformation Demo in tS6.6...!! // Tech Forum

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Post by Jimmer // Jan 29, 2009, 3:49am

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Ok, does anyone remember how this was done. There is a demo scene

that came with my tS6.6... Its called "Waves and Ball". It consist of a

a small pool and a beach (like) ball bouncing into the pool. The surface

of the water (in the pool) actually deforms!!! I have pulled the scene

apart and cant figure how this was done. I have taken the scene apart.

The water is a simple cube with the top face (water surface) sub-divided

into lots of smaller polys. The deformation is a wave like motion and after

the ball hits the water there is even a ripple that spreads out from that

spot. (Which looks like it would if you through a pebble into a pond, with

circular wave like deformations spreading out. The surface of the water

had a bump map and reflection map... But I can not figure how the

DISPLACEMENT was created. It is a TRUE DISPLACEMENT the surface

mesh does move like real water.... Anyone remember how this was done????

Post by marcel // Jan 29, 2009, 3:57am

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