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Exporting and textures. // Tech Forum

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Post by Unforgiven Hero // Jan 6, 2009, 11:37am

Unforgiven Hero
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Hey everyone. I've been having a couple problems getting models from trueSpace into my engine Realm Crafter. I know this is possible because others have done it. First, is there a way when exporting DirectX models to export the texture and model to the same folder? Currently the model is in 1 folder and the texture is in a sub folder.

Also, how can I check if a texture is a multiple of 2. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank your for your time and effort.


Unforgiven Hero

Post by simmsman4 // Jan 6, 2009, 12:01pm

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Being I work with the same tools. All give what I know and the problems I'm having too..

I make all basic models inside TS MODEL area.

Then export into .x format or OBJ.. mostly OBJ.

Then export either into fragmotion, or back into gamespace.. Like I said though mosty in OBJ format.

But thats still not to say you can't export .x format from TS 7.6! I just don't export from the WORKSPACE side. because it will place the model file and then the textures into another folder called file01, file02,etc..

I'm guess'in this is because u don't use the materials list mangaer window and assign textures and maps thought that. You apply the textures in model area and then try to export either in the workspace area or hitting file on the very top left and not TS6file tab..

Answer to your Multiple of 2..

Textures of 256x256, 512x512,1024x1024,2048x2048,etc..etc.. is the power of 2! How to check.. well most paint programs have image size info.. I use photoshop. But 100 ways to check really, belive u can even right click on the file in the explore window and goto propertys, Open the tab and then just hit details.. You will get a width and height and image dimension over all..


But what I'm looking for is a tutorial video that is clean and simple and to the point. Watched a few using the new TS7.6 node window. and I must say.

By the time the person even started to go into how to apply displacements,normal maps, textures.. I could have made 15 models and went into photoshop made textures then UV mapped them and placed them into my engine. and thats far from the truth but u get my point.

So what would be just GREAT.. Is if somebody that knows TS76 enough to make a cube. inside TS7.6 place 2 different textures on 2 different sides. THEN add displacement maps to both sides and normal maps.


side one

wood texture

Normal + displacement map that says HI that sticks out

side two

Brick texture

Normal + displacement map that says BYE sucked in

You would make my new year..Because I've been lost on how to import displacement and normal maps into TS 7.6 for some time now and set them up correctly. and if you really want to dive into it. could you give a quick fyi on parallax Mapped models.
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