My tS6.6 SUDDENLY does not load correctly..

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My tS6.6 SUDDENLY does not load correctly.. // Tech Forum

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Post by Jimmer // Dec 2, 2008, 2:29am

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Ever since I accidently SAVED Preferences (my finger slipped on the mouse), I've had a problem loading tS6.6. It's funny, I didn't change any of the Preference settings they were just the default settings. So it's hard

to believe this caused the problem... But I think it did....

Every time I load tS6.6 the layout display comes up solid GREY! There is

no GRID, no little LITE BULBS, no widget in the corner. The TOOL ICONS

look FINE. If I select one and the tool stack comes up, it stays frozen up.

If I load a primitive the grid appears right around the edges of that primitive

and tS slows down to a stop...

If I go to the bottom of the interface and close the tS window which

brings me to the Microsoft desk-top, then open the tS window back up from

the desk-top tool bar tS comes up FINE. If I close tS and reload .. it does

the same thing SOLID GREY layout display. Also, when I first load it and

it comes up solid grey if I go to the library and load any of the other pre-done

interface settings like the default CAD or one of the 3 window views it switches over fine. If I close tS and then reload, it comes up fine (the way I

left it). If I go back and select the Default layout (which is basically what

I use) it comes up A O K. If I then close the app. and restart it AGAIN

SOLID GREY layout display.

The are 5 files in the tS dir. that periodically get up-dated. I think I might

have a problem with my truespace. tsp Start-up file.

The other files that get up-dated are the truespace.cfg-cfl-key-prl..

I noticed after it first happened these files had been LAST MODIFIED the

date and time that I had accidently saved Preferences. Its funny because

they have been up-dated since and I STILL have this problem about 80% of the time...

Whats the best way to fix? Also what does tS do when it starts up...


Post by trueBlue // Dec 2, 2008, 6:17am

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You could try deleting all or those files that get modified. When you start trueSpace they will be recreated.
Same for tS7.6

Post by Jimmer // Dec 3, 2008, 3:28am

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Ok, Thanks I'll give it a try...... is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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