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HDRI image goes missing // Tech Forum

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Post by Nez // Nov 13, 2008, 2:55am

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I'm probably doing something stupid here (wouldn't be the first time) so I'm hoping someone can point out what I'm doing wrong....

I've been having some fun starting to use HDRI (on model side) in some of my renders, but it took me a while to notice that not all my settings seemed to be saved on leaving tS. Although the 'global environment map' panel appears to remember the settings for intensity, samples and the like, it doesn't appear to remember which HDRI image I've used when I save the scene, so when I re-open it the next day (or week, or whatever) I can't actually remember which hdr file I used, and neither does the software, seemingly... As I have 25 hdr files sitting in my directory, it's a bit of a pain trying to find, all over again, which one I'd decided I'd liked.

Retrospectively, it's easy to say 'keep a note of my settings' but is there any way I can work out which image I was using last time - have I overlooked something somewhere? Or is this a problem everyone has...?

Thanks for your help...

Post by prodigy // Nov 13, 2008, 8:10am

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Nez, Emmanuel has reported that issue in the past and is posted on the beta forum..

Far as i know that is a missing feature on 7.6, and is not a problem on 7.51

So a step backwards on that aspect.. let's see if they can fix it for 7.61

Post by noko // Nov 13, 2008, 8:38am

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Yes a new bug, this information use to be saved with file so loading a scene it would automatically set all the HDRI settings as saved.

Post by Nez // Nov 17, 2008, 12:06am

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Thanks guys, that's useful to know. From what you say, I don't need to mention it on the Bugs forum as you clkearly know about it already. As I can't roll back to 7.51 (or 6.6 which presumably could do this correctly too) I'll just have to wait for that patch and keep some notes in the meantime for anything new I create and perhaps go back to my old scenes and do some trial and error to work out which image I used....


Post by Breech Block // Nov 17, 2008, 12:17pm

Breech Block
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Hi Nez. I used to have the same problem so now I have got into the habit of renaming my camera in the scene editor so it matches the HDRI image file I used for lighting the scene. Saves on having post-it notes everywhere. :D HTH

Post by Nez // Nov 17, 2008, 11:13pm

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That's quite a neat idea - I was thinking about creating a simple text file, almost lige a log file I guess, just recording hdr file and settings against scene name, and saving either in my scenes or hdri directory - I tend to lose my post-its anyway!

I guess another option would be to create a null object that is named to remind you which image to use....
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