Very unpredicatble crashes

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Very unpredicatble crashes // Tech Forum

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Post by Weevil // Oct 28, 2008, 11:40am

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First meaningful title from me because it's starting hack me off a wee bit.

Truesapce has been crashing every time I shut it down for two weeks, and it only used to crash after I closed it down. But now it's crashing very frequently in various places. The latest one is while I was saving a scene.

I have a feeling a re-install is in order but that'll get rid of all my texture paths, settings etc, and I can see I probably will. But this is to let you know that the problem is there

Post by Weevil // Oct 28, 2008, 11:58am

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Okay, these are actually turning out to be VERY predicatable crashes. I can't even load some scenes, it crashes when I save scenes and it crashes when I shut it down.


Post by Mr. 3d // Oct 28, 2008, 2:25pm

Mr. 3d
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I know your pain :(! I have battled this vicious cycle off and on, ever since I have been exploring tS 7.6. It got to a point where I removed it from my computer for a few weeks because of the unstable environment it offers. I have, however, recently reinstalled it again for another go at it (only because I like its potential and qualities when you do manage to navigate around its pitfalls).... The problem is: Navigating Around Its Pitfalls !!!......

It is my opinion that tS 7.6 has too much to remember. The program should always start with a clean slate... instead of remembering and starting where you left off with a project. This constant memory flow also incorporates the program mistakes within its loop (without deleting them upon every fresh start up... along with your previuos work flow scene). This is why it then gets caught in the same vicious loop of crashing.
If you save a scene to your personal created file within your documents that has been created after any tS 7.6 error or crash, that error or crash memory will be re-inserted back into the tS 7.6 work flow loop again........For example: If you re-download tS 7.6 for a fresh start in order to remove the error / crash loop cycle and re-insert a previously saved scene from the first tS 7.6 program that managed to save the error / crash loop cycle with it, you're only going to start the vicious cycle all over again with the newly downloaded tS 7.6 program.
In order to stop this (possibly), I have re-downloaded tS 7.6. The first thing I do is to set up my workspace area as I like it (grid layout..etc.), and then I save the grid layout scene (which includes no errors / crashes that can be re-inserted inside the start up loop any time I wish to create a new scene). Hopefully (and I'm not in any hurry to test this), I can always revert back to my original error / crash free Workspace / Model side grid layout whenever a problem arises (error / crash) and break the loop cycle.
Unfortunately, with this said, it means that all prior scenes that may include the error loop cycle cannot be re-inserted back into your clean flowing tS 7.6 program (they can only be viewed as photo images in a seperate program).

Post by Weevil // Oct 29, 2008, 2:05am

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Oh yeah...I forgot to mention...this is with truespace 6.6. I'm having problems with here, 7.6 just crashes and feezes fro me anyway. I've made a re-install and I've hopefully restored all my settings, shaders, textures, whatevers etc, and now it only crashed with one scene. And it crashes when it gets to loading textures whether they're there or not. Bummer. But then, it's 12meg in size so I'm not suprised

So I'm gonna have to suck it and re-do a lot of things (it was kate o'donnels model I lost too :(<---Unhappy face)

But actually, to answer you opinion about scenes loading automatically, I actually like it, Truespace remembers the last scene yo've shut down with so if it's had a crash it doesn't actually load the scene that just caused the error, which is handy to stop it getting stuck in a loop. Loading scenes from blank every time can get annoying, but I like it because it picks off where you left off with no gaps if you know what I'm saying, you can jump straight back into it.

But I hear what you're saying, it's a pretty viscous loop to get stuck in if one particular

I think there is actually an option to make it start with a blank scene somewhere. I'll have a hunt around

Post by Nez // Oct 29, 2008, 4:16am

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There certainly was under general preferences somewhere in 5.x and presumably 6.x, assume the same applies to model side though can't remember whether I've checked. I've taken to always loading a new blank scene before closing down in case, just because I've got stuck in that loop before - bad scene trying to re-open every time you start up can be a pain! Also a problem with very big scenes that are slow to load.

I've certainly found that modelside and 5.x struggle a bit to load larger scene/models and can either hang (or seem to hang) taking a huge amount of time to become workable; seems worse in 7.6 than 5.1 but not specifically measured it. Certainly frustrating as many of my models have been pretty poly heavy....

Hope things are running more smoothly for you now...

Post by Eagle // Oct 29, 2008, 5:05am

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I had the same problem guys, what I did to fix it was to totally uninstall it from my computer and delete the directory that was created when I first installed. Then just reinstalled a fresh copy, it seems to be working now. It seems like if you crash once with TS7 it causes problems inside the program after that and you start crashing all the time and gets worse as you go along. I have no idea why it did this, when I crashed TS the first time I was using the paint faces tool, and like I said, after that first crash then it started crashing all the time over stupid stuff like moving edges or using the extend tools.



Post by Mr. 3d // Oct 29, 2008, 8:56am

Mr. 3d
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Because of our persistence to muddle through these problems and stay true to tS, I think that it would be a nice jesture if Caligari would offer its next version "free" (or at least 1/2 off) to its registered, persistent users.... and only offer it 1/2 off if the newer version is finally deemed stable (I prefer the FREE jesture myself !!!).
It is still my opinion that the tS program's workflow has too much to remember and crashes by "bumping heads" with its compilations. I feel that many of its seperate program choices could be compiled and simplified to a more "user friendly" environment. I also feel that it is necessary (in creating a stable environment) for tS to begin with a new scene upon starting.....You can always save your existing "WIP" scene and reload it whenever you wish to resume your art. is a privately held community resource website dedicated to Active Worlds.
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