A Very, Very S T U P I D Question !!!!

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A Very, Very S T U P I D Question !!!! // Tech Forum

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Post by Jimmer // Oct 24, 2008, 3:35am

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When I save as a SCENE (models, floor, lights ect...) is everything saved together in that file? Or are the models, textures, foreground shader, lights ect.... saved in different predefined folders!! If I copy the "Scene" file

to a usb card will everything (models, lights ect...) go with it ?

To save just a single model in a scene just select it and save as....


Post by TomG // Oct 24, 2008, 3:55am

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The scene will indeed include all lights, objects, and materials, so you can just move it to USB, and then open it on another machine, and you'll get the scene exactly as it was on the first machine.

Note that things like bloom, anti-alias, supersampling and other real-time display settings are not stored. So the scene and everything in it is stored, but how that is displayed is determined by the settings on the machine that opens the scene.

Note that you should be sure to save from workspace as an RsScn if you have used any workspace items (materials, bones, physics, animation).

Saving a single model can be done as Save As, you can also insert into a workspace library as an object (if you are working in the workspace). Again, be sure to use the workspace RsObj if you have any workspace features in your object.



PS - no questions are stupid! All are good and worthwhile, and you can bet every question asked by one person has at least 20 other people reading it and going "Ooohhhh, I wanted to know that too" but they just hadn't asked :)

Post by Nez // Oct 24, 2008, 4:08am

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Actually, I would add the following; if you are using the Model Side (i.e. older architecture) and using the .scn file format for saving a scene, you will save materials but not any texture files (e.g. jpgs, tgas etc) required to create those materials (unless this has changed in 7.6 compared to earlier versions of that architefture) - these would need to be saved separately or you can use the 'archive' command instead - this will save everything you need to recreate the scene to one place. Same would apply to tS5 and presumably tS6.x (you don't say which version you are using although I presume it's the latest).

Hope that makes sense....

Post by TomG // Oct 24, 2008, 4:14am

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Good and important point - I am so used to using the workspace side that I think in those terms now, and it does capture the textures in the RsScn. But as noted, the Model side saved as Scn does not, it just holds the reference that points to where the textures are on disk, so you'd need to move those too.

The archive command as mentioned is a good solution there, it copies your Scn and all used textures into one folder (updating the texture references in the scene to point to that folder), then you can just move that folder to take it with you.


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