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Post by nelson // Oct 23, 2008, 11:03am

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I am now working primarily in workspace in trueSpace 7.6 with VRay. I know that when I have to create a part using something like bevel or lathe I have to switch over to model view. The problem is that when I switch back to workspace view, I lose all of my textures. The colors are there, but the shine, reflectance, transparency, bump maps, etc. -- they're all gone in the workspace.

The work around that I've been using is as follows: I load the scene in workspace view, I switch over model view, I create the part, I save the part as an object, I switch to workspace view, I reload the scene from my scene library and put part in place and apply the appropriate texture.

What I I'm wondering is; is there a setting in my bridge options that is causing me to lose my texturing. The weird thing is that I only lose my texturing in the workspace view. When I do a render, the textures are still there.


Post by TomG // Oct 23, 2008, 11:28am

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I suspect the real-time version of the shader is lost, but the offline version stays in place (used in rendering). The Model side can handle the offline version, but it has no idea about the real-time version since that is new data only introduced in the tS7 definition of the object, so it gets "stripped out" when you change the object in the Model side.

I'm not aware of any solution to this - perhaps painting textures on the Model side only might help (as then the Model side offline texture is the only one applied).



Post by Burnart // Oct 23, 2008, 11:40am

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I use a workaround similar to yours nelson. I tend to save the object I want to work on as an object, create a new scene, reload the individual object go to the modelside, do what needs doing. Because I'm not using VRay I tend to apply texture maps and basic material settings while I'm still on the modelside then when I go back to Workspace they are retained/converted. Overwrite the previously saved object, reload the previous scene delete the old version of the object and insert the new. If I had a specific dx9 material I wanted to use I would apply that from a previously created library once I'm back in the Workspace.

When I write it out like this it seems like a complicated thing but it isn't really. Its linear and logical. Moving to the modelside is really only slightly less complex than exporting to an alternate program for some of the modelling. After all that is pretty much what you are doing.
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