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Post by Igor K Handel // Aug 31, 2008, 10:05am

Igor K Handel
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Hi all

Am slowly putting more pieces of the online jigsaw together.

As I am technically challenged when it comes to web pages, please advise.

Have recently signed up on a streaming web site for showing some of my future work/tuts. They provide a and I quote "embedded link code" that can be pasted in a site.

My questions as a html etc noob.

1 If I paste this code into a forum post here a) is it allowed, b) will it play the vid within the forum c) or will it send the user to the streaming vid on a new page.

d) does a user normally have to click on a link to initiate the stream or can it be made to automatically start on page view?

Think that covers the basics, but throw in any other info you feel might help, still trying to get to grips with all this stuff, but am getting there,,, 1 step at a time.



Post by notejam // Sep 8, 2008, 6:20pm

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If you post a web link here, it will take the user to the website that does the stream, and will display the stream if you had that in the link. Thats done by some here, so guess its ok. But its safer to not go to web links you find, as there might be some risk of a program that messes with your browser, and computer.

If you put the video in a file and upload it here and add a link to display it, then its on this web site, so less risky for users to visit your link.

You can get free converter programs at www.download.com to convert video to flash, which makes much smaller files. Just enter convert to flash in the search box to find them.

Then if you take your flash movie, and pack it up with a zip compresson program, like winzip, or other zip program, you can make the file even smaller.

They allow 20 meg zip files uploaded here, so if you did the compression and conversion, you would be able to upload short movie files easily.

Also, you might try camtasia, as it can record your movie playing on your computer screen, and convert it to several other formats, and also allows you to record a audio track for your video.

Its best to not use the html embed command in forums, because if it worked, it would not allow the user any choice of going to the video, or not, and cause new persons confusion as they wonder whats going on, while a long video loads into their computer.

Post by W!ZARD // Sep 8, 2008, 9:39pm

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They allow 20 meg zip files uploaded here, so if you did the compression and conversion, you would be able to upload short movie files easily.

Well in theory they do - in practice I've never been able to upload much more than about 8 meg before the forum server times out - this is why I resort to linking to a file sharing site where folk can DL my movie.
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