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Post by Igor K Handel // Jul 24, 2008, 5:33am

Igor K Handel
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A quick heads up for anyone new to TS and wondering why their 7.6 manual isn't working from the 7.6 help/manual menu at top right of screen

The Problem.. The PDF installer found my TS folder and the install went smoothly presumably into the correct folder. BUT I click on the menu help manual and get an error.... no manual.

The Solution.. PDF should be installed to MyHarddrive:\my Folder\trueSpace76\tS\PDFMan\

Second Problem... Videos installed as expected similar to above.. Links to vids in manual giving error

The Solution... Vids should be installed to MyHarddrive:\my Folder\trueSpace76\tS\PDFMan\resources\

NB Page 31 of Pdf "interface video link" not working

The Video this link refers to is missing, I assume it will be amended soon as.

Hope this helps

IK Handel
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