I made the "Legends of Eclipse" List ~

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I made the "Legends of Eclipse" List ~ // Game Development

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Post by Eagle // Aug 19, 2008, 6:32am

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Here is the list of all 24, I am number 17 :p


The Legends of Eclipse


Here is 1 to 24 list of the best and greatest in Eclipse's long and illustrious history.

1. Yearoldsock (NarcoticPidgeon). Not many of you know this chap. He was around during the very early stages of eclipse. There were only a few truly eclipse people back them and his antics and fun posts made him a likeable and joyful character. He is top of the shop because of the fact he left so long ago some people actually see him as a fictional character or an admin club that nobody else is allowed into.

2. Alex. Alex was with eclipse ever since the beginning. And he was around until just under a year ago. That is dedication and should be treated as such. He was propbably the man responsible for bringin on so many aspiring developers when eclipse first began.

3. KingH(E)ntai. His cartoon pictures of Chillidog aplenty Kings army was vast throughout the oldest of old eclipse forums. We loved his pictures of Chillidog sharing and antics. He more than deserves a place amongst the greatest of the great.

4. Shadowsnake (The Foxxxy). He's only been around since just before the original forum comitted suicide and has marked his way in the community by being helpful. He has earned his way into the administration of this place.

5. Spike. Not very noticeable noweadays, I have been here since pretty much the beginning. Im the guy responsible for the invention of Outline GUI's, creating the GUI for Total Eclipse and naming Eclipse Evolution. I don't plan on leaving for good any time soon.

6. Niko. He appeared during the era of the green forum and instantly tried to make an impact by helping me create GUI's. Since the Lunar forum went under, he has enjoyed praise as a nice guy who enjoys the riskier things in life. Such as pills and giving blood whilst still hocked up on them.

7. Baron. He showed up during the green forum era and was recognised for being a little pesky and sticking his nose in. Eventually, after seeing eclipse in action, he spent his time coding a whole number of sexeh features which has earned him recognition as one of the best coders eclipse ever saw.

8. Kender the Great. This man was around since the beginning and was instrumental in creating sprites and other resources to help other people. He left a couple of years back because the evolution of eclipse brought in too many others of the same pedigree and he was a little unapreciated for the role he played.

9. Unnown. A coding legend once more and one of the guys responsible for Eclipse Evo.lution. When we saw his name, thats when we knew to smile.

10. TYM (The Yellow Mole). One of the first people other than Marsh to code for the engine. He was not exactly liked when he left after his short period of time. But nobody can deny the benefits he created.

11. dg1423. An awsome programmer through and through. This chap has helped me on many occasions and is also pretty fun to talk to as well. We can expect big and bold things from him in the future. I am sure of it.

12. Draken. With his gnomes he smites the wicked. Eclipser by day, crime fighter by night. We love him and wish that he never replaces us with a social life.

13. Soljah. He has been here for a very long time, and nobody really shows any respect for the role he played in keeping the community spirit up. Great stuff Soljah. Oh and his mapping is pretty good too .

14. Emblem. Another coder with a purpose, theres the helping hand with a purpose. It's Emblem at the number 14.

15. Anna Comnena. One of the two first ever women to step foot inside the confines of eclipse. For that, she is already legendary. She used to be a very helpful girl to newer members. Since the growth of the forum, she has decided to spend her time being a social benefit rather than a technical benefit.

16. Ice Cream Tuesday (ICT). A pixel artist through and through. He had a personality that was unique and memorable. Sometimes he could be a bit of an awkward chap, but that just made him more interesting. He was an awsome artist...

17. Eagle. The first girl ever to step foot into the sanctuary that is eclipse. We were all sure that marsh and Eagle were secretly cybering, but apparently not. Her knowledge of computing was astounding and when she was around for whenever a brief a time it was a joy to behold her (calm down lads, theres no compromising picture here).

18. Jackal. Not much can be said about Jackal. Hes done some very cool things in the past but saying them here would probably get me shot in most cultures. 18 for j00!

19. Lidnel. The first guy to ever even contemplate using isometric tiles in an eclipse game. This guy was a resource database and such be respected as such.

20. Godlord. He has been around for a while, and is known to be very very helpful and very social. Keep it up Godlord, we like your style.

21. The Pickle. If you don't know who this guy is then you need to go look him up now. Yes now.

22. Renzo (Renzozuken). This guy is an all rounder. He dabbles in everything. His custom title 'Universal Idiot' is quite fitting. But you didn't hear that from me.

23. Timus. This guy has been around a very long time. His dedication to the creation of eclipse games is incredible.

24. Admiral Refuge. Added due to common opinion, this man seems to be liked quite a lot. Admiral, we salute you! *Giggle* get it? Cos he's an admiral and we're saluting him....aw forget it.


I thought this was really cute and wanted to share it with you guys and girls. The Eclipse Engine is a 2D MMORPG engine that I used to make the first version of Lufor with, its very fun to use and play with. Anyway I was surfing today and came across their "Legends of Eclipse" list. I love these guys~ :D


Vickie ;)

Post by jamesmc // Aug 19, 2008, 8:08am

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Very interesting development!

Eagle. The first girl ever to step foot into the sanctuary that is eclipse. We were all sure that marsh and Eagle were secretly cybering, but apparently not. Her knowledge of computing was astounding and when she was around for whenever a brief a time it was a joy to behold her (calm down lads, theres no compromising picture here).


I mean, er never mind, you know what I mean. :D
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