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lilalpha phalpha

Aug 8, 2001, 2:40pm
This one may seem similiar to the one last time but Bit asked me to run
And if you read this, everybody please tell us how you feel...

Do you think the Cy Awards are just a large Popularity contest, or do you
think that the voting system is fair....

LilAlpha Phalpha
Cy Awards Public Relations

lilalpha phalpha

Aug 8, 2001, 2:42pm
Cancel this, dont reply i have something else...

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Aug 8, 2001, 5:44pm
Cancel it yourself.

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Aug 8, 2001, 9:58pm
As far as I know, Outlook Express users cannot cancel. The option is present, but can only be used while it's still in the goold 'ol
outbox. Just another cute little glitch.
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Aug 10, 2001, 2:41am
Try hitting ESC during a long message download. Works for me.

I have DSL at home, but often have to dial in from other places and get
28.8 - 56k range. I don't think I have ever had anything happen to me on
the internet that I couldn't stop one way or the other.

Under Linux I use about 3 different new readers. All allow you to cancel.

Been a long time since I used Free Agent though. Maybe it lacks that
function. Outlook Express is pretty good if you have to use Windows.

Regarding my large post. I had ACTUALLY indented to imbed the LINKS to the
pictures rather than the pictures themselves. Would have still have been a
big download for anyone who tried to read the messages, but would have only
been a few hundred characters on the server. I should have just coded the
HTML by hand to be sure. Outlook Express took it upon itself to embed the
content of the pictures.

I think there is an option for that, but I RARELY post binary data to
newsgroups so I haven't played with it much. I agree that most posting to
newsgroups should be text only. But...a foolish consistency is the
hobgoblin of small minds. Or something.

Sorry if I ruined anyones day with that HORRIFIC download. Its been fun
trying to figure out the speed of your modems based on how many HOURS it
took to read that message. I didn't know they still made modems at 10
baud. AW GZ must take MONTHS !! *GAFAW*.

Banning myself from this newsgroup again. So long!!

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captain mad mike

Aug 10, 2001, 6:52pm
The voting is way unfair, citizens can just be brainwashed or be biased to
vote for "x." i.e. pokemon lovers voting for a tourist-shanty
pokemon-related thing in some category with a much better build because the
shanty involves something they *gulp* love. Plus theres the whole stuffing
thing, creating tourists, multi e-mail addys. The Award Should Be Given
Through Using RELIABLE Judges!

My two cents,
Captain MAD Mike

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Aug 12, 2001, 7:15am
Does anyone have an idea how many of the voters really
tried to see everything that was nominated?

I saw about 90% but I didn't meet many people on my journey.
I saw a lot of stuff that was great and the decision what
to vote for was really not easy. And it took a lot of
time, although I traveled as a tourist most of the time
and didn't have telegrams to answer.

Especially it is not easy to close the eyes against the
sympathy for the nominated person and really vote for the
category values.

For models and avatars there would be a solution, a world
like the ObjectD' world, where people can see all this
work in one place.

I see no really fair solution for complete environments
and technical stuff to bring everyone to a decision so
these categories could be a typical commitee thing.

The misc. categories could be done by both together, mixed
voting system with 50% / 50% counting.


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