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Jul 15, 2001, 12:09am
Well we got teased with a few nice pics a week or so ago. Those roads and
houses looked pretty sweet. Certainly a mark up on the AW Objects.

I've spoken to quite a few people and it seems AW have already finish the OP
an GZ and everything and are just waiting now. What for I'm not quite sure
of :)

Anyone else got any information? Perhaps anything they would like to see in
the new worlds.

I personally would like to see plenty of sectional building peices. Less of
all this 'Full House' Peices and stuff. Becuase otherwise we're just going
to end up with a world full of builds that look exactly the same.

Some of the older people amongst AW will remember back in mid-1998 when
there were only a handfull of worlds. Remember 1 particular day walking
alond a road in Alpha near GZ and seeing about 5 people...each with 4x4 lots
building a terris style build..they're buildings all contected
together...chatting hapily as they build up they're little pads in AW.

I think it would be nice if we could get that again. When WildAW first
started it was a little bit like that. But the feedom given by AW soon get
to people and the Pentograms, and Satanic Churches soon popped up. WildAW is
lucky to scrape more than 2 or 3 users these days.

If yor gunna guve us a new world to play with AW...make a good job of
it...give us some nice obs and plenty of room. And if the world *is* ready
now...then what are you waiting for? :o)

What does everyone else think? We could do with some intellegent
conversation around here. :o)


goober king

Jul 15, 2001, 12:53am
Well, as far as I've heard, Gand has only finished making the objects, they haven't
actually finished making the world. And they still aren't sure exactly what they're
going to do with it, according to Facter. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
If they do make it into another building world, I hope they have objects that are a
tad more versatile than what we saw in those screenshots...

As for making it successful, good objects alone does not a good world make. You also
have to give people a reason to not only go there, but to keep coming back. That's
why worlds like AWTeen are so popular, is because there's always something going on
there. WildAW died after the novelty of "free speech" wore off. So you can't expect
to draw and maintain hundreds of cits and tourists with just a flashy object set. You
need to have something to keep them there. Of course, with AWCI's lack of involvement
in the community, it would have to be up to the community itself to provide the

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Goober King
Thanks, Gamer! Those HTML fruits were getting on my nerves :)
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chucks party

Jul 15, 2001, 2:50am
I want 4x4 wide arches LOL That is such a problem when trying to work in 8x8
squares, hehehe

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Jul 15, 2001, 5:14am
> Well we got teased with a few nice pics a week or so ago. Those roads and
> houses looked pretty sweet. Certainly a mark up on the AW Objects.
> I've spoken to quite a few people and it seems AW have already finish the
> an GZ and everything and are just waiting now. What for I'm not quite sure
> of :)

As far as I know the OP isnt totally finished yet, still a few more things
to add I think - the new GZ? I havnt seen it, but I guess it may of been
done in the last week or so and I havnt gotten around to checking it
out...I'll find out =)

But there is some seriously cool stuff on its way, the new building world is
only a small part of it =)


internal affairs

Jul 15, 2001, 11:09pm
Can somebody fill me in? What world is getting a new OP? Alphaworld? Sorry I
have been out for a few weeks.

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mike zimmer

Jul 16, 2001, 1:03am
*Don't flame me if i am wrong* Its a new world, facter said some things
about it earier, ill try to find the post

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Jul 16, 2001, 9:25am
Basically AWCOM are working on a new world, nice OP...probaly a public build
world. Lets hope we get it this side of 2002 :o)

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chucks party

Jul 16, 2001, 9:40am
Oh and it would be nice to be able to use ALL the commands, lol There are no AW
owned worlds where you can use all commands, what's up with that? lol And don't
say WildAW or Beta world cause thay aren't owned by AW. WildAW I don't care for
cause of the orange fog looming everywhere and screwing up your visibility and
it's really not a place for minors becuase of its content. AWTeen is a good
world for bldg. and using all the commands, but not AW owned. When will AW give
its citizens a world they can build in and use all their 3.1 browser commands
for bldg.? And how about raising the cell limit to large so we can use all the
extra commands in the action line. I think all these things should be addressed
and offered to people to use on an AW owned world.

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anduin lothario

Jul 16, 2001, 9:53am
All commands? No move commands please, too much vandalism... And as for
making sure objects don't let you ENCROACH like the xsign.rwx does.....

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Jul 16, 2001, 10:27am
Even nicer, let's open it with the release of 3.2!!! w00t w00t!! :)


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mike zimmer

Jul 16, 2001, 4:49pm
Ummm Have you ever been to AWTeen lately?

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chucks party

Jul 16, 2001, 5:13pm
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Yes I have, I don't see what you are trying to say by asking that.

chucks party

Jul 16, 2001, 5:22pm
There is no vandlism on any of the other worlds that have done this, somehow
they manage to deal with it. If the object is not loaded in your view then it
can't move anywhere, sure it's moving where they are, but it doesn't move where
you are, lol Just get enough land around your place if it concerns you that
much. There are also people that can remove objects like that if it's really
causing a problem.

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mike zimmer

Jul 16, 2001, 8:43pm
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O wait...just double checked your post.....

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&gt; Ummm Have you ever been to AWTeen lately?<BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; =
Yes I=20
have, I don't see what you are trying to say by asking that.<BR>&gt; =


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