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May 18, 2001, 10:47am
I am planning on to make a new forum that it web based, alot better than
this, much easier to read, and has lots of cool features and alot faster
than this...but what i want to know is if i put it up, how many of you will
actually go try it out...if anyone will go to i will put it up, and i
gurantee that you would like it better than this


May 18, 2001, 4:00pm
I think you'll run into problems which Xavarella and Chucks Party have
encountered i.e. Terms of service issues. I'm sure both of them would
explain the difficulties and possible ways round them.
You will also find there are already several other aw community NGs, I
would recommend if you haven't found this already :)

I wish you luck and if you do manage to set up successfully I will be
sure to look in.

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May 18, 2001, 7:00pm
Chucks Party had illegal stuff, Xavarella was unfortunate cuzz Chucks Party
posted in her forum, so it contained illegal stuff as well. it wasn't
because it was a forum.

PS: Chuck, if you don't agree don't bother to tell me, cuzz I know you don't
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