Rumors are they real or not??????????????? (Community)

Rumors are they real or not??????????????? // Community

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moon glow

May 17, 2001, 5:09pm
Hi everyone my name is Anne and im a citizen ofthe Dreamlanpark universe
(and proudly so). I also own the world there called Twilyte with my partner
I know this isnt the place to say all im going to say but what the heck. I
have read much
worse in these NGs. I want to say a few things that have been brought to my
attention about me and my world
that arent to nice. I will not throw accusations at anyone as i have no
physical proof
that this person/persons started these ugly rumors. In twilyte we have a
castle that thundercloud built
on this castle are columns with globes on them. In a joking manner we call
these globes TC's Balls. well
now i guess that means we cybersex there as well . as for hackers ,, well i
have no idea how to hack nor do i want to know
Oh did i mention i have 3 naked AV's in the special list that noone can get
to or see. Well dang i guess i just gave
some of the rumor spreaders more ammunition to use against me and our world.
but wheat the heck cant get much worse
im a hacker and a cybersexer so im told. well enough of this whinning about
what is being said.

Its ashemed that the meaning " believe it when i see it" is no longer being
used by so many and that people tend to believe
ugly viscious rumors about someone they have never met. VR is the perfect
place to sling accusations and rumors because
it spreads like wildfire....... and the one carring the match is all to
happy to keep it going

As for Dreamlandpark (i know you dont care to hear it) well i have been here
6 months and have yet to see any of the
crap that has been said about it. I will defend them because they have been
nothing but nice to me. I fyou all want to
cut it down go right ahead and keep listening to the rumors that are being
said and stay on the same level of mentality
the the rumor spreaders are on. All of you that belive these rumors, why
dont you coem and see for yourselves if they are true
instead of believing someone that has a personal vendetta against the
universe. DLP is by no means perfect. and neither is AW or
any other universe. well enough already right i have said all im going to
on this and i know i will get cheed out by most of you
that read this in the NGs and i really dont give a dang at this point.

Its shame how this has gotten dsso far out of hand because of 1 or 2
peoples jealousy. Im posting this in the community and world
builders NGs and if you dont like it im sorry but as a world owner and a
citizen of AW and DLP i have as much right as anyone to defend myself

thank you and i apologize for this it should have been done long ago but
since the rumors spreader wont tell me to my face ,,,,, well her ya go dear


May 17, 2001, 5:24pm
Okay, exactly who is spreading rumors so they may be properly chastised like Chucks Party has been.
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May 17, 2001, 5:48pm

firstly, no-ones got a problem, as far as I am aware, about dreamland park,
except for the constant spamming of this newsgroup by someone which leads to
everyone else saying.. stuff it, if thats the type of person they have
there, I'm not going.

Secondly, if you have a problem with someone in dreamland park, I suggest
you deal with it in their community newsgroups, we sure as heck don't want
another blood fued going on in here.

Honestly, most of us don't give a damn about trivia like the tirades
recently in here, let alone in another universe.

Lets see... we have one user spamming the newsgroup with adverts and
another telling us theres a situation where people are slinging mud at each
other.. is this a place I want to go and check out...

nahhhhhhhhhhhh not worth it.

Great advertising for dreamland.. keep it up:)


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<snipped for brevity>


May 17, 2001, 6:45pm
uh...why do you post this in the **ACTIVEWORLDS** Community NG????? I don't
care a *beep* if somebody is spreading rumours! Anyway, "everybody" hasn't
heard them!!! right now, the one spreading rumours is YOU!!!

If Dreamland Park haven't got NGs, tell them to buy a NNTP server, it's
really cheap!!!

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May 17, 2001, 6:51pm
Hello Anne,
Post your problems in your own community not ours, thanks! *We don't care!*

Everone else,
Oh boy, here we go again... >:/ Please everyone in here, lets NOT get
involved in some other Uniservers problems and accusations. I think we've
had enough of our own lately. Lets just not respond.

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May 17, 2001, 9:57pm
hello Moon Glow... I love DLP too. It's so homey feeling. Yes there are
many things to be said about living in a New York sized universe.... But when
the rumers & the hate start... BOY... It goes like wildfire in the AW
newsgroups... I'm one of those that have seen that & many others have seen
many more times over. BUT in the universe like DLP where it's the homy
feeling where you almost know your next door neighbors... That type of
romer mills & nonsense is limited way down. It's the type of place i would
LOVE to build a world
there and be on the FOUNDING FATHERS / SISTERS and see what was a very tiny
place become bigger & grow... Like the old timers of AW... Those that have
been here for umpteen years... That is a nice feeling... A feeling of
truely beloning to a family like DLP rather than some big number as it
is here...

moon glow <temptress at> wrote in
<3b0421f4 at>:

>Hi everyone my name is Anne and im a citizen ofthe Dreamlanpark universe
>(and proudly so). I also own the world there called Twilyte with my partner
>I know this isnt the place to say all im going to say but what the heck. I


May 17, 2001, 10:17pm
[View Quote] > uh...why do you post this in the **ACTIVEWORLDS** Community NG?????

hmmm.. is this really exclusively an Activeworlds newsgroup? I've been around
for quite a long time, posted alot of things, read alot of things that were
mostly not worth reading, but I've always thought that this newsgroup and the
others offered up by AW were more for this technology instead of a specific
universe. Alot of universes got started by using this medium for informing the
masses that something familar yet new was available. Most have eventually
developed their own newsgroups for their own specific uses but there is only one
Activeworlds no matter what the name a perticular universe goes by. Outerworlds
is Activeworlds, Dreamland Park is Activeworlds, City4All is Activeworlds,
Vectorscape is Activeworlds. Yes it may not be the same "community" but I've
met many of the same people in all of those other universes that frequent the
Activeworlds universe, and most of them use the same name across the Active
Universes. Spamming is just plain stupid and disrespectful of others that
actually come here hoping to extract something useful out of these newsgroups,
no matter what world situated in what universe you hail from. Personally I
think the Activeworlds technology and ALL its users make up the AW community so
take off those blinders and see the horizon beyond where you thought it was.


May 18, 2001, 1:33am
[View Quote] One phrase for you:


Do you see any other Uni server's name there?

Nope, didn't think so.

chucks party

May 18, 2001, 6:49am
Thankyou for letting us know moon glow. If I should ever hear such a nasty
rumor I will disregard it and tell them they are wrong. I don't spread nasty
rumors despite what anyone here says, I always provide facts concerning
anything I post and with that the truth then is revealed. Good Luck in AW
and DLP, it's sad you had to come here because the rumor traveled from there
to here already. Don't listen to these people on the NG, you are a cit here
too and can post here just like the rest of us and I hope you will post
again in the future with doing good posts as well. 8-)

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