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Apr 21, 2001, 8:06pm
Well... I don't believe in the HARE.. Nor the Easter Bunny
I do believe in Santa Clause [If someday i wain the NewYork State
Lottery]... The New York State Santa will deliver it to me.
In politicians... Yea... I believe they mess things up alot.
[Just In must be a Politician... He messes things up alot]
I believe in Adviters Promises... if i can only find the dump
where they put all the promises.
As for the stork bringing little kiddies...
I think OneSummer was having major amounts of problems the day she
dropped Just In on his HEAD. and that is why to this very day...
just In is a Problem Maker & not a Problem Solver.

ananas <vha at> wrote in <3AE1F753.EF922C59 at>:

>I wonder how many here believed in hare, easter bunny and
>santa clause, in politicians and advertizers promises,
>in the stork bringing children ...

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