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Mar 31, 2001, 3:54pm
actually hes laughing at you eep, as are most of the rest of us:)

most of us who actually WERE around in the early days know that the only doc
we had was that provided by Dataman, including the one you quote as his, and
the one you incorrectly assume was his, well before you even found AW.

Most of us at that time also bought the book by Ferraro and spent hours
talking to people from Worlds Inc to find out how it worked.. of course
they were happy to talk to us then because there wasn't someone constantly
slagging them off in the newsgroups or online.

So lets sum up here.. the doc existed before you arrived, and yet he copied
your work.. ermmmm I don't think so, BUT the pages are very similar after
the point you state, and yet yours followed his.. let me see who was
copying who?

The fact that, like with so many other things, you saying something doesnt
make it fact.

Suck filter crEEP and go play on the other games newsgroups where your held
in even less esteem than here, which is zero.


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