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Mar 30, 2001, 6:40pm
Hi Henrik...i am not replying to your post..this is a 'solitare 3 or more
lines;-) addon'
Things has changed, AW's changed, but we are all still pioneers,...and this is
still the past...we'd need to study and apply some new ideas ..i noticed
everyone is freezing into their own positions, knowledge, tasks..someone is even
still thinking about how to apply and make old ideas work....a few collaborative
efforts ..maybe due to high costs and risks..fighting doesn't help much...but VR
will still go on..and i will always follow. AW is the technology like it or not,
if someone think it isn't working properly i am sure it's because he's unable to
use it properly, and before thinking it's not reliable let's try to make the
best out of's more interesting
...because it works..and when i see 'houses and flowers..and flowers ..some
flowers again and oh! look other houses' i get matter the colors


[View Quote] > it which I believe have not changed much, in fact I don't see where anything
> much at all has changed since I stopped doing things for AW.
> all the AW models, created a bunch of them, made a model cleanup/preview
> program that sucked IMO but it's still in wide use. Did ya know that before
> I did the initial docs and got the Titans and other started, NOBODY was
> making any custom artwork except Danny and Lynn? Hadda teach myself pretty
> much too altho Danny helped some. There's a whole lotta stuff I did bucko,
> and what have you done? A WEB PAGE? ROFLMAO Oh yah I
> In the early days, when the few of use grabbed the last copies of Ferraros
> book about RWX, Dataman was our only source of information, and a damned
> good one too:) Without him, which inspired, nurtured and helped the first
> wave of model creators, I doubt very much we would have the numbers of model
> and avatar creators.
> Phew, long sentence.. what I'm saying is: if you want rwx information now
> you can find in lots of places. Back in the pioneering days (when we had
> fun!) a crappy, rudimentary web page and a simple rwx utility was a
> treasure, it was all we had (plus the ever helpful and patient Dataman of
> course:) )
> HenrikG
> PS. I'm still using rwxmod, beats the shit out of any promiseware:) DS

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