Trying to find a world for a retreat (Community)

Trying to find a world for a retreat // Community

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Mar 28, 2001, 5:06am
I forgot to mention... If you are on some other universe like Outerworlds
Universe... You could try the new Gateway World for your retreat.
It was just opened a week or so ago & it's 256 km nswe big
[I've tested it out to that far] and opened building to all.

Unfortunate though... You can't drop a bot there either [Yea... I tried]
and so you have to grab something and push it in. It's nice for that it
allows you to use all the 'Z' objects too. [I used the zsign] and they
also have pretty much all the objects that AW uses too. It's nice place
to do a build there & you can use as much land as you need. If you need
to create any avatars [../avatar/philippe.rwx] stuff... You can do that
too. AW [Alpha World] forbids that. Wile AWTeen allows it as dos
WildAW allow it.


Mar 28, 2001, 9:58am
You might want to try to put this in the previous thread under your post, it
helps a lot more keeping things on topic. :)

Anyways, this is Activeworlds, not Outerworlds. lol. we shun at the thought
of the other universes out there. :))


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