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Feb 24, 2001, 8:55pm
I was looking for a way to make a bot log into a different world or
universe.. does anyone know how? I use VB so Plz tell me in VB terms.. not
C++ XelaG explained the domain and port stuff.. but aint found a part to

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Feb 24, 2001, 10:27pm
Nm.. XelaG helped me.. I know how now..

- = [ T e c h n o ] = -
- = [ S t u f f - X ] = -


Feb 25, 2001, 3:00am
can you tell me i want to know how
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Mar 3, 2001, 3:39pm
dont use quickstart, use sdk.AwCreate, sdk.AWLogin and sdk.AwEnter

Function sdk.AwCreate(domain As String, port As Long) As Long
then set the necessary attributes:
(long) sdk.AwLoginOwner,
(string) sdk.AwPrivilegePassword,
(string) sdk.AwLoginName
then call
Function sdk.AwLogin() As Long
Function sdk.AwEnter(World As String, Avatars As Long) As Long
set the coords and yaw:
sdk.AwMyX, sdk.AwMyY, sdk.AwMyZ, sdk.AwMyYaw
and finally call
Function sd.AwStateChange() As Long

I hope I did not make a mistake LOL, I', not an VeeBee-er :)

Check MrGrimm's help pages at


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