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Mar 20, 2001, 2:10pm
I've been on some of the GOR worlds. Lora = A gor World.
I don't hate ppl if they want to do that stuff. It's just not for me.
What i found out in quick time was that many of the GOR worlds don't
pick on the tourist all that much. SO I stay as a tourist. TO ME...
It's a strange bunch of worlds to visit.... BUT I sure in hell
would not want to live there.

BUT I don't AND NEVER WILL hate any of the ppl that want to live there
and practice what they belive to be right. They make their choice.
FINE with me. Just don't get me involved in that as I'm off to explore
some other world... In the Active Worlds & more & more so
Active Universes Communities too... Vectorscape Universe,
Outerworlds Universe... etc...

tony56 <tony at> wrote in
<3ab2e43e at>:

>I concur with your statements.. Daphne, SoS is right.
>Gorean's are humans, too; no matter what they do, just like crazy
>serial killers and those kinds of people.. they may do stupid stuff
>but they're still human.

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