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Feb 15, 2001, 1:37am
im trying to get a object to move out 10 metters wait=2 turn and come back
on a loop
my problem is i have no idea how to get this timed out so that it come back
front end first
turn and go back front end first

the wait time can be difrent as can the distance if one of you has one that
goes out like 25 metters and does what i want it to just copy the comand
line to a reply please :)


Feb 15, 2001, 1:46am
[View Quote] Unfortunatly, I dont think you can "turn" an object like that, the move
function jsut does not support it.

As far as I know - someone else might of experimented with something...



Feb 15, 2001, 2:07am
yeh i know i just want it to move strait out roatate and return looping
all it is is a matter of timing it right
theres some formula in the faq help but no example of one that work that i
could work from
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Feb 15, 2001, 2:32am
Hmm, if you use 2 or 4 objects you can accomplish this with astart/astop
commands, I could experiment to figure out the codes. Would you like me to?


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Feb 15, 2001, 6:37am
These move and rotate commands leave a lot to be desired. They sure haven't made old fashioned animation controls obsolete. I won't
go thru the details but I think you need 3 objects -- only 1 of which is visible at a time. One object at the beginning pointed out,
another at the end pointed out, and another at the end pointed in. Then you use 3 control objects to move the first, rotate the
second and move the third. If someone has a simpler way please let me know.

I haven't had much time lately, but if I get a chance I'll set up an example in Polygon.

billyat (Bill the Yat)
"if you don't like polls -- LIE TO THE POLSTERS"
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Feb 15, 2001, 9:54am
hmm id prefer to use a single object
that why i never used animation before cause it rquired multiple objects and
when you take a low vert object with say 30 40 50 verts and need 6 7 object
to do it well you still end up with a high vert build.
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Feb 15, 2001, 4:40pm
I couldn't agree more nova! Even invisible objects add to the poly count and degrade performance.But i'm damn sure you can't do
stuff like that without old fashioned astart;adone controls making things visible and invisible. I set up a simple example in
Polygon if you want to see it. The effect is 3 sailboats sailing in a triangular pattern; as each boat reaches the vertex of the
triangle it rotates and sails on. Looks pretty neat and is located at polygon 7.7S 5.9W 0.0a 89. At that position there's not much
of a poly count but if you turn around you may experience serious lag. Just wait for a good load.

The controls are the 2 fireplugs. There are 6 sailboats: the 3 at the verticies are all labeled sb0 and the others that will move
are labeled sb1,sb2,sb3. The controls read:

create name sbc1,animate me . 1 1 5000,astart;adone move 0 0 10 time=10 name=sb1,move 8.66 0 -5 time=10 name=sb2,move -8.66 0 -5
time=10 name=sb3,visible sb0 no,visible sb1 on,visible sb2 on,visible sb3 on,astart sbc2

create name sbc2,animate me . 1 1 10000,astart;adone rotate 4 nosync name=sb0,visible sb0 on,visible sb1 no,visible sb2 no,visible
sb3 no,astart sbc1

The effect you're talking about would take 4 controls and 4 objects.

billyat (Bill the Yat)
"if you don't like polls -- LIE TO THE POLSTERS"
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Feb 15, 2001, 7:24pm
cool headed there now

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Feb 15, 2001, 7:30pm
if i have to ill do it that way and may for now
but i still want to do a single object by just timeing it out awesome
example of what can be done with the new comands.
a cool little one i was goofing with is.

create light type=spot,examine

to bad no one else can see it when you move it now that would be cool
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