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Re: video cards: seams or no seams? (was Re: Rolu's bad example) // Community

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Feb 5, 2001, 3:28am
[View Quote] > Guillemot/Hercules 3d Prophet II MX (GeForce II MX) shows seams, but very
> rarely compared to other cards (TNT2 Vanta Plus for example). Gaps are an
> ever-present evil.

I used to have an ATI 3DXpression+PC2TV (Rage 2+) card and I didn't notice seams/gaps in AW 2.2. However, I DID see them in AW3.

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Does your sig have to be annoyingly long, Wing? God damn, man, tone it down. Just makes more shit to have to delete when replying (except this time to make you aware of the annoyance, of course).

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