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Feb 4, 2001, 2:19am
Thing is, Roland CLAIMS the same problem happened in 2.2 and earlier (Dataman claims it's Ron's code, which implies the problem has been present since AW's inception). However, I didn't see it until AW3. Why, I don't know, especially considering I've been building in AW since June 1997. Regardless, the cell database needs to be rewritten to include 64-bit (I believe) floating point (which will fix the gap problem, and hopefully the seam problem as well) and allow TRUE multi-axis object rotation (not just through an action command).

[View Quote] > I'm aware of the dual bug situation. Strange thing is most people tend to
> ignore the existance of both tempting Roland to just leave it all alone. As
> for Roland saying the inaccurate object positioning is a complex issue, why
> the hell didn't it occur in 2.2? Why not just fall back to the old object
> placement code which was OBVIOUSLY more accurate and independent of the
> display (the object's coordinates are calculated wrong and therefore stored
> wrong on the server and being displayed right where the server says they
> should be). Why did he even muck with it in the first place?
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