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wordwrap (was Re: hypocritical Roland yet again) // Community

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eep no@1.com

Feb 3, 2001, 4:24pm
Uh, normally my lines wrap JUST fine if you have wordwrap on, but you've somehow managed to circumvent even that so I don't know about YOUR long lines, but MINE wrap fine. http://tnlc.com/eep/wordwrap.html for why I do it.

[View Quote] > why do you have nonbreaking on? all your posts are on one REALLY long line
> normally it would be cut into sections like this
> but not when you turn nobreaking on... its posts into one really really really long line like this one. after a while you have to move the scrollbar across and try to keep your eyes on the same spot you were reading while text F L I E S across the screen... having fun yet? sure ya are.. just like all of us when we read your posts. Eyes getting tired yet? not mine nooo im just like eep totally perfect- my eyes dont get tired. i dont need that enter key! no sir! now this may be longer than yours usually are but is just as hard and annoying to read... ok i am now done.
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