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ribsin bacon

Jan 19, 2001, 8:58am
I apologize for the last three messages, but Outlook did not notify me it
sent, it instead said it didnt send... please accept my appology


Jan 19, 2001, 9:43am
I have that problem too sometimes, no biggie. But for a second there, I
thought you were one of these annoying and incompetant newsgroup newbies
that we've been getting. For actual use of grammar, punctuation, and
capitalization (long story), I might be able to help you. :)

If you KNOW that you're not a hacker, than what do you have to be worried
about? Don't get so defensive, all you have to say is, "believe what you
want, but I'm not a hacker." :) Granted, an even funner way to get rid of
those annoying accusers is to say "I AM a hacker, and I just planted a virus
in your system that will cause you to crash in 5 seconds. Have a nice life!"
hehe, a personal favorite, but remember that you don't actually PLANT a
virus, btw. :)


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j b e l l

Jan 19, 2001, 1:17pm
i never have that problem... after you hit send, click send/recv news
groups.. then to update the newsgroup to see your messages, click on in your folders area.. then click sycnronize
newsgroups.. you should then see your message posted.

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agent fox mulder

Jan 19, 2001, 2:42pm
From what i know he was hacked before,I don't think he'd hack

Up??????And Dont Complain About My Capitals

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Jan 19, 2001, 5:55pm
It only happens on a few occasions, but sometimes the Send/Recieve screen
doesn't show the post being sent (meaning the loading bar is empty), but in
reality, it has been sent already. :) You can see that if it never tells you
that it got through how many times you could potentially send it. :) It's a
bug, what can you do. :)


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Jan 19, 2001, 6:10pm
Well, at least you're not one of the incompetant newbies as nornny said.
Whoever said you hacked them is most likely one of these useless twits that
have popped up here since Juno arrived and spread like HIV through an inner
city high school. They only do it for attention, and will be ignored by true
friends. You, too should just let them be and not make a fool of yourself.
The FBI is not to be feared, they hear the word "hacker" 2,000 times a day
and maybe react to one that is filed by a company with proof of destruction
originating from a certain IP address. Then in the end, your comp is
confiscated, you're most likely jailed. Now, if you never hacked, it's all

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dj party

Jan 20, 2001, 1:33am
I have been hacked once, but it once someone from AW. Never been hacked
since. There are some good programs to watch connections and not allow
certain ones. You might want to look into it :)

DJ Party
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Jan 21, 2001, 11:19am
bout the hacker thing who cares let people think your a hacker and think
that if the mess with you youll fry their puter :)
if some one spred a rumor like that bout me id say yep sure am.
and i guess in a way i am im always in my registry and all that good stuff
peeps always think theres only on type of hacker but realy any one who
makes a puter do something its not supose to thats a type of hacking.
thats why they call the little reg files registry hacks. one of the best
hacks like that involves mtu and some other misc setting for your modem
theres progys to do it but you can do it by hacking in the registry.

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