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doctor toc

Jan 12, 2001, 5:04pm
[View Quote] Wrong. Eep may be long on rant, short on tact and need some work on his
delivery, but he genuinely cares about AW and wants it to be more than
it is. He gets frustrated about the failure of the people running AW to
realise its true potential, and he's got no patience for idiots. He's a
damn sight brighter than the majority of people on these NG's, he's been
here longer, and he's actually gotten off his arse and attempted to do
something about the problems in AW instead of bleating into his keyboard
about how things suck. If you'd bothered to read his stuff instead of
dismissing him as a wierdo, you'd know that. What have *you* done for AW
and its users lately? We could do with more like him and a lot less like

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