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john viper

Jan 12, 2001, 1:19am
....how people got selected for the Closed Beta?
John Viper

"God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve..."


Jan 12, 2001, 1:36am
Well, first Roland asked some more well known people and people who were
helpful in 3.0 (like me :)) and then he started taking a few requests then
he decided "too many" and he closed it, if you read the 3.1 help pages he
explains it. More people will be able to test in a week or so.


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Jan 12, 2001, 9:42am
*breaths sigh of relief* Finally, one week until 3.1 for all (or most, or
maybe just a few more, Myrth wasn't quite as accurate when he said more, but
I've heard it's going to be open beta)


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