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crazy glue il

Dec 22, 2000, 5:05am
I may be young, I may be stupid, but its my way of life. :) I try to act
bigger than I am, but I'm not. I *think* that I know everything, but I
don't. I *think* Tha I oqn teh world, but I don't. Hey I just remebered I'm
A normal Teen!

lol Just thought that I would be stupid once more :)
After all this is a community forum, not EVERYthing *has* to be sensible. I
can't spell, to many typos. All raise there hands if they hate typos *raises
hand* well
I guess its time for m e to go :)

~CrAzY gLuE IL
Stupid and Crazier than thou. www.crazyglue.8m.com


Dec 22, 2000, 9:49am
How many times are you going to go around announcing your stupidity before
you THINK we get the point that you're stupid?? *boggles* Trust me, we got
the point a while back. Btw, there is no concept of age in the AW world. :)
You either know the ropes or you don't, age doesn't matter unless it is
related to something in RL. :) Maybe you should take some typing classes to
fix your bad spelling and typos if you hate it so much like most people did
in here. And this may be a general community forum, and everything might not
seem sensible, but in an ideal world, it should be, and maybe you should
help reach that instead of posting your stupidity and age range to us. :P


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