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Obsession with houses // Community

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john viper

Dec 13, 2000, 2:02am

I got around to checking out the latest updates on Eep's history page. Either Eep is worse than Al
Gore (we may not like Eep's attitude, but at least he does know how to think) or we REALLY need to
raise the 5.3 mil stated in Goober King's message "Proposal: The Dream Team". One thing that caught
my eye, however, is AWCI's obsession with dropping houses on people's heads...

(from http://www.tnlc.com/eep/aw/history.html -- near the bottom)
Telegram from Eep, sent Fri Dec 8, 2000 6:44 PM:
be gone, or I shall drop a house on you!

Some time ago, myself, Goober King, and some others were standing around AW's GZ. I don't remember
if it was JP or Rick, but whichever it was made himself present while Goob was on one of his
standard COF rants ;-) This person said "be gone goober king, or I shall drop a house on you!" I
used to actually have some screen shots but this was some time ago and they have long since
dissipated. Anyway, a few seconds later, there was a teleport.rwx right on Goob's position! lol If
I remember correctly he said something like "Who turned out the lights?" it was a laugh riot -- but
still its kind of interesting. Has anyone else received any house threats?

Oh and please disregard my last message -- Eep's page is quite useful and it had the GEL URL
thingie -- in case you want it it is www.urstudios.com.
John Viper

"Microsoft C# - so 'Sharp', it'll poke your butt over to Java
so fast you wont know what crashed!" - Aaron Bockover

crazy glue il

Dec 16, 2000, 1:41am
haha acually no iv never heard this before but thats funni eLMAO! ill have
to ask goobs about it lol

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