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Oct 28, 2000, 5:56pm
Hello All,

I have just read through all the posts regarding the new lower price of
Accutrans. I feel I need to set the record straight and clear up all the
false information posted by Casay which has caused confusion to many out

1. Heartfall Productions DID NOT cause the price of Accutrans to go to
$60.00 Anyone out there who has known Accutrans knows that the price
was $60.00 well before Heartfall became the licensed U.S. Distributor.

2. Our belief is this, Wayne lowered the price to $20.00 because of all
the incorrect feedback and pain in the butt whining he was receiving
from an out of control, I want to be noticed, type of girl.

3. Heartfall is no longer distributing Accutrans because:
A. after 90 days of marketing and downloads averaging more than 12 a
day, Wayne suddenly changed without notice to us on a whim from Casay.
Heartfall cannot distribute any software that does not maintain stable
marketing practices.
B. Wayne's decision gave us no choice other than to halt distribution.
C. We did not halt distribution because of any other reasons.

We realize the huge mess that this brings to the users of Accutrans. Our
clients have come to us from all over the world. Most of the users are
not involved in AW at all. I do not know that they will ever be aware
of rebates etc. now. Sadly, we cannot afford to attach our name any
longer, and therefore about 300 links, banners, ads and posts will go
dead now. The site averaged about 40 unique visitors a day, we feel very
bad for those people who will now hit a dead end but there is nothing
more we can do about it.

By far, we have always felt that Accutrans is the best conversion
program out there. Wayne did a remarkable job on it. We feel very sad
that Wayne was not buffered from the whining B.S. and instead praised
for his creations.

I am sure the end user's are happy with a $20 price now. I only hope
that Wayne continues and does not shut down entirely as we here know
that the lower price will not stop the whining. Accutrans was worth
well more than $60. and the people who have purchased it know that fact.
We never received one complaint from all the downloaded trials and

We feel that this information is important for you to be aware of. We do
not like seeing false statements imbedded forever in the newsgroups
about our Company. Heartfall Productions is a company which has been
around since 1993, has worked very hard to maintain an impeccable
reputation and has given back to the community in every form it can. We
pride ourselves in that company tradition and take offense when people
do not properly educate themselves, interfere with business that they
are not a part of and state false facts as a result.

We would appreciate if Casay would please keep her comments and stories
to herself. We have never had any relationship with Darla other than an
occasional chat in AW. Darla was not ever a part of Heartfall using
Accutrans, nor being a distributor of Accutrans, or a part of our
company in any way.

There will always be those out there who cry for attention and in that
process bring down the good that was once around them.

People should be fully aware of these facts... the only people who can
ever correctly state facts about software are the manufacturing
companies themselves or their licensed distributors. Those two entities
have both the education to properly speak, and the investments to
protect their interests and properly inform, therefore providing the end
user with the TRUTHS.

We do not have much time to enter newsgroups, therefore if you would
like us to review comments about this matter, please e-mail us directly
at the old e-mail addy for this software, acccutrans at I
will respond in person per your requests.

best regards to all...

don't forget Heartfall Productions still endorses Accutrans as being
the best conversion tool out there for it's price! and any other prices
for that matter!


Oct 29, 2000, 1:17am
Excuse me?????
What the heck is this about Insanity???? I came to YOUR defense and let ppl
know that the lower price had NOTHING to do with you/HeartFall Productions
distributing the program. I also posted a post on behalf of Wayne in which
he said that same thing, it had nothing to do with you. I think you really
need to go back and READ who posted what here and in Andra's NG. I defended
you when someone ELSE said it was because of your distributing the program
that the price was $60. I stated that it had always been $60 LONG before you
ever had a mirror site for it & that you had nothing to do with it at all. I
would LOVE to see where I said that you had ANYTHING to do with the lowering
of the price as I NEVER did... then when you can't find it, I'd greatly
appreciate a public apology.

I think you really need to go thru those posts again as I was having a FIT
because he lowered the price, got very upset with someone posting about not
being to put it on 2 Pc's at the same time ( which I DID misunderstand and
apologized to him for that) .

Do you have a clue as to my relationship with Wayne and AccuTrans?????? I
think not. Do you have a clue as to how much time and effort I've put into
bringing this program about for all of us? I have spent years helping on
this, how many hours have you put in beta testing it??????? Do you know that
I was the only beta tester for a long time?????? Why not take a look at the
rwx credits sometime and see whose name is there. I'm sure you think that
you brought it about as it was apparent to me because any time I posted
anything about it recently you always added you .02 and your URL to the
mirror site. You even went so far as to ask Wayne to not allow me to post in
the NG about AccuTrans because you thought it made for confusion. The only
confusion that was created back then was by people not realizing where to
get the program from and that you were not the programmer but only a mirror
site for it.

I always appreciated your setting up a mirror site and your trying to help
promote AccuTrans in the AW community as a whole. Wayne and I both thought
that it coudln't hurt to have more promotion for it. Why do you think that I
had ANYTHING to do with his lowering the price???? You said and I quote..
"Our belief is this, Wayne lowered the price to $20.00 because of all the
incorrect feedback and pain in the butt whining he was receiving from an
out of control, I want to be noticed, type of girl." Where in the world do
you get that at?????? Want to be noticed? WRONG!!! Want to bring about a
program that I've been trying to do for years?? ...YES.. Again. .I had
NOTHING to do with the lowering of the price or you not being a distributor

Anyone that knows me knows better that to believe what you have written...
I'll wait for their replies and for the one from Wayne... and of course..
your apology.

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Oct 29, 2000, 1:43am
Here's what I said.... about distributors... and price lowering..
(copy/pasted from a few of my posts to several NG's)

Also, for the record.. again... this is Wayne's decision and has nothing to
do with any one person in particular nor any distributor. Please read the
post I'm going to post in a munite from Wayne on this.

This next part was posted by SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!

I spoke to him twice this week via telephone, and I DID purchase mine.
> But it is now down to 20,00 US- 30.00 Canadian, and the guy wants us to be
> fair and square and pay the money for his time.
> The person in the middle caused the software pricehike, and now that
> is eliminated. So: we have a new version, cheaper price, and more online
> support on the website. Even by phone as a last resort if necessary.
> But you HAVE to get the new version to disable the DLL lockout as Darla
> stated.
> A deal is a deal, and this is one. Not many people cut us any slack at

I responded....
Ummm.. to clarify, there was NO person in the middle causing anything. Not a
price hike, nothing... things are now the way the are and that's all there
is to it..
*Would like to know where I said you caused this Insanity?? *

I also wrote....
Right, Heartfall is no longer a distributor, but not because they did
anything wrong but because the price is so low now that Wayne cannot offer
to release to them at a lower price for a profit. The price of AccuTrans was
always $60, long before HeartFall became a distributor. HeartFall is a great
company. They did a lot to try to promote AccuTrans to the AW community. For
that, I and I'm sure Wayne greatly appreciates. So yes, HeartFall is no
longer a distributor, they couldn't be with Wayne lowering the price. I hope
that's clarified a bit. Please also read the new post of clarification from
Wayne. Sorry for the confusion. I should never, ever, type or post when I'm

Did you know that HeartFall was one of the prize sponsors at the Avvy
Awards??? Did you know they donated world hosting services and a free avatar
from their site? Way kewl huh? Here's their URL :-)
World Hosting -

That's enough, I'm not going to go thru every message I wrote on this
subject. I defended you several times and tried to correct what someone else
said. If you can't see that I never said it, I guess it's your problem. I
do expect an apology in ALL Ng's..
Thank you,
PS- I posted on behalf of Wayne to where he restated that distributors had
nothing to do wit hthe $60 price or the lowering of it either.
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Oct 29, 2000, 5:20am

To Insanity, or whatever you are...

I am not a regular user of any newsgroup but any time I have looked at this
one and the AW one over the last few years, it's been Casay that had the
info on AccuTrans... NOT YOU.. It was Casay!!!
She's the one that has had all the information given to her and shared it
with all the users here... She's the one with a direct contact to the
programmer of AccuTrans and she's done some very marvleous seqs with it,
such as AW has never seen before...

YOU, Insanity, I've never even heard of till now and I can tell you, what
you are spouting here sounds like a bunch of pitiful rubbish!!! I would
appreciate it if YOU would keep your lies and slander to yourself!!!
Casay has promoted and supported AccuTrans for as long as I can remember..
You are sounding just like an upstart with some kind of jealous temper
tantrum going for you.. Now pipe down before we send momma Seren after your
sorry behind!!!

Have a good day,

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Oct 29, 2000, 5:40am
Hi Insanity :(

First of all,
When I read Casays reply to your post and read that you had asked Wayne to
have her stop posting in behalf of Accutrans, It made me sick. Because, what
it said to me, is that you are the kind of person who would ask some one to
cut a friends throat to benefit YOU.
Oh my GOD!! how could you do that?????

A statement from your post Insanity:

"""""People should be fully aware of these facts... the only people who can
ever correctly state facts about software are the manufacturing
companies themselves or their licensed distributors. Those two entities
have both the education to properly speak, and the investments to
protect their interests and properly inform, therefore providing the end
user with the TRUTHS."""""

Normaly that is true but, in this case I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!
How dare you Insanity. I have known Casay for a couple years now, ever since
Accutrans first came out with features that could be used in AW. She was the
one who helped Wayne develope all the features, by giveing him input, and
gathering info, and God knows what all. She was the only beta tester for it
for a hell of a long time. And when it was available to others to test I was
right with her testing and learning to make avs with it. Wayne did a
wonderful job createing that program. And if it wasn't for Casys wonderful
feedback and input their probably wouldn't be any aw features. She was there
at the START!!! How the hell long have you been associated with it? 2 maybe
3 months? Where is all your knowledge in Accutrans? And why should your 2 or
3 months of association with Accutrans override Casys 2 years of hard work?

How dare you call Casay all that stuff in your post!!! In my opinion it's
not Casay being the whinny one here. She also isn't the one trying to be
noticed. And she isn't the one out of control. Like i said i have known her
for a couple years.I know the things you said about her are lies. It was
Wayne that cut you lose, so why are you climeing all over Casay? Are you
jealous that she is there and you are not? I really think you owe Casay a
GIANT apology in the ngs where you slandered her.


I'm asking every one out there in AW land who knows all the hard work Casay
put in to bring accutrans to you to post in responce to Insanitys post :) It
really needs to be responded to.
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Oct 29, 2000, 9:19am
Judging by the language used to to slander a person, this company can't be
terribly serious. Their points 1 and 2 show a lack of professionalism one
doesn't expect from a software distributor.

The one person promoting and supporting Accutrans in the AW environment has
been Casay, and she has done this in a enthusiastic, fair and galant manner.


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Oct 29, 2000, 6:07pm
Hi Again,
This is in responce to a email I got from Heartfall, reguarding the post I
made in responce to insanity (Heartfall).
Since it wasn't posted here in the ngs I won't quote from the email.

I'm just wondering what kind of buisness person doesn't recognize the fact
that very often some buisnesses have public spokes persons.?
Back to this statment from insanity again.

"""""""""People should be fully aware of these facts... the only people who
ever correctly state facts about software are the manufacturing
companies themselves or their licensed distributors. Those two entities
have both the education to properly speak, and the investments to
protect their interests and properly inform, therefore providing the end
user with the TRUTHS.""""""""

You were taken on as the distributor as I understand it. I also understand
that you may have had customers that never heard of AW and you were their
main contact for accutrans, thats all well and good. But, in AW Casay has
always been and still is, in my opinion, the only real spokes person for
accutrans, and as far as I know her position is fully recognized and
supported by Wayne. There is a difference between a spokes person and a
distributor. Companies are not made up soley of Distributors and
Manufactuers. If the customers you were getting outside of aw have never
heard of aw, i'm kind of confused as to how Casays posts in here effect the
people outside. The people in Aw rely on Casays reports in the ngs. I know I
do anyway. Personally I think Casay has more right to post statements about
accutrans in the AW ngs then Heartfall ever did since she was the one there
from the start of the aw part of the development. And since she is the one
who helped develop the Aw features in accutrans. Where the AW features of
accutrans is conserned Casay has the most knowledge of the development and
use of accutrans. And i'm sure Casay also has extencive knowledge of the
other features in accutrans. Untill I see a Formal statment from Wayne
officially nameing some one else AW spokes person for Accutrans, then I will
continue relying on Casays posts about it.

Oh and reguarding the flame referances in the email:
You labled your post as a Formal Accutrans Statment, and because you put
that lable on it you seem to think it exempts you from negative replys.
Aparently you also think that a negative reply is a flame. Well, you can
take the replies any way your little Heartfall desires :) because I took
your Formal statment as nothing more then a slanderous flame on Casay and
all the hard work she has done for and with accutrans, and in aw concerning
accutrans. So, insanity (Heartfall) if this all turns into what would be
called a flame war, just keep in mind that you were the one who threw the
first fire bomb and started it all :) Hopefully it won't turn into that.


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Oct 29, 2000, 9:59pm
The remarks made by "Heartfall Productions" about Casay in this
newsgroup were totally unprofessional, slanderous, and inaccurate.

I have only recently begun experimenting with Accutrans since it now
supports better animation controls than anything else I can find. The
new price makes it a no-brainer. I had never really visited the
Heartfall web site to my knowledge, but looking over there today it
seemed to me a very unlikely place to be selling software of any kind.
Had I gone there before to buy a copy of Accutrans I am sure I would
have thought I had a bad URL. Selling software on a site that promotes
self defense films, make-up, and related products makes about as much
sense as going to a hardware store to buy English muffins.

Generally an exclusive marketing agreement implies that the marketing
company do a whole lot of things to get the product out in front of
potential users. As far as the AW community is concerned it looks like
that job has been getting done by Casay and not by Heartfall. It seems
like they should be thanking her rather than slandering her since they
would have been getting their "cut" no matter what caused the sale to

I would say that if Heartfall ever had any credibility with the AW
community it has lost it now.

MacB for S3D and associates.

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Oct 29, 2000, 11:01pm
I agree about the drop in price. I myself purchased for the original price
and feel it was well worth the investments. However, it is up to the
developer to decide on what price he/she wants to sell. I think the tradgedy
here is lifting the security he originally had on it. That is something that
I would like to see reinstated. People who can afford the $20 per year AW
citizenship can afford the $20 Accutrans fee.

Wayne!! Knock, knock. Put it back!!

As far as spokesperson for Accutrans, hasnt been anyone cept Casay. This
part posted by Insanity:

2. Our belief is this, Wayne lowered the price to $20.00 because of all
the incorrect feedback and pain in the butt whining he was receiving
from an out of control, I want to be noticed, type of girl.

I believe that was more of a personal comment than anything else. If
Insantiy was speaking on behalf of Heartfall, then that comment was
completely uncalled for and quite unprofessional. I agree an apology is
owed to Casay.

Thanks, Casay, for taking your time to keep us informed on Accutrans, and
for your helpful hints you are posting now in this newsgroup!

My 2.5 cents


Oct 30, 2000, 5:21am
Whaaaat? I don't know any of the details about the deal that Heartfall has
for distribution of Accutrans, but it seems to me that the comments made by
Insanity as a representative of Heartfall are inappropriate, misleading, and
totally ignorant of any business sense.

Casay brought Accutrans to public recognition for object and sequence
developers in ActiveWorlds. She has been a strong proponent for the program
for, ummm... maybe two years now? I recall working with her (and Wayne) in
pre-beta of Accutrans, and Casay has always been professional, knowledgable,
and enthusiastic.

Casay is a USER of Accutrans, as well as a promoter. She has more knowledge
about the program's use within the ActiveWorlds environment than anyone ...

The comments made by Insanity certainly appear to reflect a profound lack of
knowledge of the history of Accutrans. It seems (from my
outsider-perspective) that Heartfall is looking for a scapegoat to blame for
their losing the "deal" with Wayne, or for the deal not being able to
survive Wayne's price change.

Accutrans would not have had the large exposure to ActiveWorlds professional
builders without Casay - she's one of the "good guys". (guy, in this case,
being a generic term... *s*)

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lord vector

Oct 30, 2000, 3:24pm
Insanity is aka Filmkr for those that can recal that far back and im not
supprised by his attidue he has caused problems in Vectorscape universe in
the early days of it setting up and taking the law into his own hands as it
were , Insanity,Filmkr , Lars what ever u go by know, If you want to
disagree with my short statement then bring it on as I still have all the
emails from you and others, icq chat logs and our ftp server logs.

Acutrans is a top product and I for one know everyone who uses it will not
be fased by your rubbish as they can see the time and dedication put into
the product and its marketing long before you ever got anyware near it and
im sure it will continue this way long after you are gone.
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