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john viper

Jul 9, 2000, 6:39pm
Not sure where to post this but Community seems the most appropriate place...

Anyway I was wondering, if someone goes NAC, have they fixed the thing where they stay on your
contact list, or is that still screwed up? I have some friends that never came on often anyway, but
now they are not responding to T-Grams at all so either I really annoyed them or this thing hasnt
been fixed.

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goober king

Jul 9, 2000, 8:58pm
The problem is, there's nothing to "fix". It's not a "problem", per se.
The reason NACs are still showing up on yer contact list is because COF
hasn't gotten around to cleaning up the citizen database. So, even
though people might not be paying for their accounts anymore, they do
still exist. And until COF deigns to clean out their database one of
these days, we'll just have to keep guessing... :-/

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Goober King
Thinks he has about 30 NACs in his contact list...
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Jul 10, 2000, 11:21am
There will not be any new "NAC's". When someone does not renew, they don't go NAC in case they ever decide to renew. The NAC's
are remnant tourists objects basically. When renewal was implemented all non-paying users went NAC. So now people who don't renew
did pay and therefore don't go NAC.


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john viper

Jul 10, 2000, 11:21am
OK well that sucks. I am crossposting this to Wishlist.

I wish that when someones cit ran out, they dint hafta delete the name from the CL but it would be
nice if they like added (NAC) to their name (example: Mr Cool Dood (NAC)) or maybe have another
icon besides the checkmark that represents that they didnt renew and don't bother telegramming them.

John Viper <-- Coming Soon!
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