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Jul 1, 2000, 11:36pm
Dear Eep²,

You also have to realize, it's not the person replying to the
message that has a lot of control over how the original text looks all
the time. It's the original sender of the message that has control on
how the message is being broken up. I have set mine to 77 character
width, which is a standard on most all email and news reader display
characteristics. As you can see, the quoted text below is exactly how I
receive it with the exception of the reply line header character I have
chosen to use. So please get off this kick about how people should post
and just accept the fact that not everyone cares about it the way you
do. :) Besides, I'd rather see each line with a character header
anyhow, because the way YOU reply.. How would I know what was quoted
and what is being replied to? Oh wait, duh me, the attacking text is
yours.. LOL

Sincerely Bits

PS: Your nagging seems to contribute to overloaded threads and wasted
band width because of the domino effect that it causes.. Therefore, you
are guilty of useless blah in the news groups (such as this message) and
hereby granted the "Redundant Award" of the year. ;) If you consider
this a flame toward Eep, you are wrong, this was posted out of total
boredom and I just wanted to waste bandwidth, HD space and your time..
:) Oh, and replying to this would be pointless, because it's pretty
much a repeat of a repeat of yet many more repeats of wasted replied to
posts that do nothing more than post for the hell of it.

Actual POST: Happy Holiday's Everyone! :)

"Eep²" wrote
(snipped header info)
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